• When you say "omit," do you suggest that those others are excluded from running for elected office?
  • havent heard about it, not sure why
  • Because some people vote for people based on their intelligence and ability to get things done and others vote for loud mouthed, self centered chronic liars like Trump. I'm guessing you vote for the later.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      IC, what group you belong to! Must be tough to accept reality huh?
  • They liked her platform, thought her opponent was worse and "lesser of two evils", or simply that she is a Democrat. The results of Tuesday's election looks like pushback against your guy. Omit? None of the groups you mention are omitted.
  • It's usually only the transgender, queers, lesbos, perverts and people with two sexes who make an issue of sexual orientation.
  • what's wrong with the transgender, queers, lesbos, and people with two sexes?

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