• Well, first of all I appreciate you being a Christian, so you have great intelligence (unlike some others, lol). But really, I think that if you Girl Friend is still friends with her ex-boyfriends that is okay. And I get it where you say "It always reminds me of her past". Well, everyone has either made mistakes or bad decisions in their life, and maybe your girlfriend accidentally got to intimate with those guys. That kind of thing doesn't always happen on purpose. But you just have to accept the fact that she had some past relationships that doesn't matter to her anymore, and that YOU are her true love and that she may have some old friends whom she got intimate with, but they are just her friends now. However, if she mentions their names alot and gossips to her friends about them, try talking to her about the situation. I'm sure she would understand. ;)
  • The past happened... it was the only path she could take to find you -- so stay focused on the present -- thanks to her past, she did find you... aren't you lucky?
  • everyone has a past. Would you rather have someone with amnesia?
  • Are you a virgin? If so, I congratulate you. You can either get a different girlfriend with no sexual experience or past or just see how things go with this "potential" girl.

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