• if your puppy goes toilet in the same place inside then try putting newspaper down where the puppy goes toilet and slowly move the paper towards the outside as time progresses, this way your puppy will learn that its only acceptable outside.
  • Make it easier for him to get it right and then build up from there. Try limiting his realm to the kitchen or the laundry room for a day and give him a target like a wee-wee pad (disposable incontinent mattress pads are much cheaper and work exactly the same as $$ ones from the pet store). Generously praise him when he hits the target. In a day or so he will get it. Now move a urine soiled pad out to the yard. Take him out a regular intervals and repeat the praise when he uses the pad as a target. He'll probably get it just fine within a week. Just use that praise. It's what doggies live for. Once he is solid on what he's supposed to do and where then you can expand his territory. Dogs are so smell-centered that it makes sense to limit the number of things he can embed that pee smell in. His nose will tell him "Well this is where I peed last time and that worked okay." Make sure there is no puppy pee smells where you do not want him to go. I trained 3 dogs this way and no probs.
  • You have to keep him in the same room with you CONSTANTLY, get a baby gate to ensure he can't wander. Take him outside immediately after eating, drinking, playing or napping. Start at taking him out every 20 minutes and keep increasing the amount as he can avoid accidents. You can NOT take them outside too much when you are housebreaking. Most male dogs, puppies included will start sniffing around before they urinate, if you see ANY signs of sniffing take him outside immediately. When he does go outside, praise him. If he starts to go inside you have to catch them in the act...clap or make a noise to distract him and carry him outside (again follow with praise for going outside). The biggest key in housebreaking is not allowing them the chance to have an accident...taking them out as often as you can and watching them VERY closely in the house. Don't ever hit or punish for going inside as that will only hinder your progress. If you can't supervise then puppy needs to go into his crate (such as night). The more they have a chance to go inside the more difficult it will be to break him of that. Get a good enzyme cleaner that will eliminate the urine/feces smell of any spots in your home. Even if you can't see it, puppy can smell it and is more likely to go there again. Good Luck :)
  • I have a 1yr. old male black lab mix who dumps in the same corner in my livingroom! If he isn't by my side ALL the time, he will dump! I am sick of it. (This is a thank you to a previous female pup who started the "ritual" just as the lab mix became part of our family..) He is in a dog crate when I am out of the house, and can hold "it". Once he is out of his crate, even after going poop outside, he takes a dump inside! AAAaaarrrg! I see so much potential with him when he gets older......that is IF he even makes it to that point!! LOL! Have a good day!
  • Take him out more often. Take him out, and let him do nothing but his business. Give him a lot of congrats and bring him right back in. It's a long, frustrating process.

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