• one word - Proactive.
  • I was taking a progestin and estrogen birth control for about three years and never had any problem with acne or otherwise. I had to switch to progestin only pills because a new doctor told me it was risky to take this medication because I used to get migraines with visual disturbances. All of the sudden I have terrible mood swings and acne in weird patches on my face and it feels terrible. I have been using the stongest over the counter medicine for it, and it hasn't gotten worse, but it isn't really dissapearing either. I can still feel the bumpy texture, and the medicine makes it dry and itchy. If you can can take a comination, low estrogen pill. I would think about switching if I were you.
  • wow ! i thought it was my me for a whole year now. since I started taking it I get bumps and patches of pimples on my face and scar.And never seem to go away.I went to my doctor and even been using pro active and it isn't working. it has to be what is in the pills. Thanks, for sharing now I know it isn't me. I am going back on my old birth control ortho try. that works really good for acne.

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