• the first thing you should know is that the 32-bit version of windows vista can only support up to 3.25 Gb of RAM. so if you install 4 gigs (or 8 Gb etc) you're computer will only utilize 3.25Gb of it. with that said, you have a pretty nice gig set up. your motherboard most likely has 4 ram slots (2 for each channel) you're going to want to install an even number of physical memory chips and equal amounts on each channel. this is why so few computers have 3 Gb of RAM. you'd have to install one 1Gb and one 512Mb chip on each channel. i'm not sure what the price difference from a 512Mb to a 1Gb chip of memory is for your computer... but it might make sense to spend about the same to get the extra .25Gb of RAM. if i were a betting man (which i am) i'd guess you're using DDR2 800 RAM? if that's true, right now you can get 2Gb of decent RAM (2 1Gb chips) for about $50 or 1Gb (2 512Mb chips) for about $30. might be worth it to spend the extra $20 especially if you're thinking about upgrading to vista-64.

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