• Nope, no flying cockroaches here:)
  • We dont have cockroaches here, too cold for the little buggers! They do have them in Gran Canaria though, I spent a month in Las Palmas a few years ago (ok it was more like 10 years ago) and they were EVERYWHERE! We did hunt to kill with them, but there was just too many to stop them properly.
  • No...... I haven't ever seen one and don't want to. They sound nasty.
  • Thanks for reminding me of something I wanted to forget. We were renting a house when I was pregnant with my first daughter. The owner wanted to paint the place before winter hit. I didn't like the fumes and thought it would be bad for the baby so my best friend said we could stay at her house for a few days until the smell was gone. The first night we were there I woke up because I felt my hair being pulled on. I told my hubby to stop and he said he didn't know what I was talking about. He turned the light on and there was a HUGE cockroach with wings in my hair. I screamed and ran around shaking my head. It flew off and landed on a wall. I ran out the room still screaming and my friend came running down the hall. Between my sobs and screams I managed to tell her what happened. She started laughing and said "yeah I forgot to tell you we have a few of those around here". My hubby spent 20 minutes trying to kill the damn thing and then packed up our stuff and we left in the middle of the night. We eneded up springing for a hotel, which the landlord ended up reimbursing us for. Those things are the ugliest and most disgusting bugs I'd ever seen.
  • Noo and if there were..I would do one of three things..1 have a stroke..2 have a heart attack or 3 run screaming for someone to kill it before I will re enter the house..LOL
  • I superglue a three foot long piece of thread to them and fly them like a kite . Just Kidding !! Thank goodness we don't have them in our home, but, we've had them before at our place of business. They totally gross me out. I'd almost rather handle a snake that a cockroach. Ewwwwww !!!! : ( We used Boric Acid bait to kill them.
  • Thank god no! Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck!!!!! No cockroaches at all, thank you very much. (And I wouldn't have it any other way!)
  • We live in CA. near Hemet. We are renting a house here. When we moved in there were alot of roaches, all over the property. I hate bugs especially roaches. There are and werent any in house thank god:). But out side there were many diff. kinds. The diff. kinds would even breed with each other. But there were these red ones... they have wings. They would drop from the tall trees and the palms. Like they were gliding. I went out after midnight when they were out and would spray and spray and..... I did that every few days for a couple months. There were less and less then it got cold. I dont see any more. Are they just hiding out till it warms up? Or is it poss. that there gone? If they are hiding would this be a good time to spray the property real good or do I wait? Please help. If they are just hiding. (its late Nov). When do I expect my little guests again? And any tips to rid them for good? Oh and I counted at least 7 diff kinds. Plus the diff mixes. Sick huh. Thanks Karen
  • They sound like black people

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