• You could do that if you wanted to, but it'd be easier (and safer in the long run) just to install a virus scanner on the computer. You'll have to connect to the internet for about 5 minutes to get the new data files, but you can disconnect it immediately if you so desire.
  • If you must absolutely not connect to the internet with the 'virgin' PC you mention, I believe most virus scanners have the ability to at least scan network shares. So here's what I'd try: I'd network the 2 computers together with the internet disconnected entirely and map the drive(s) of the 'virgin' PC so that the other one can access the drive(s). If you have a router, this should be easy, otherwise you'd need a network crossover cable (not a normal network patch cable). You can't connect the drive of one computer to another using USB. Sorry about the term 'virgin' - I felt it was the most appropriate word for my analogy. After all that, I'm afraid that Elise's answer is the better solution, only because just keeping a PC disconnected from the internet isn't enough to guarantee that it will be free of infections. Any method that is used to introduce files to the computer is a potential vector for infection.

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