• The onion juice can be washed off using water. It's just irritates you for a while. I cook everyday and cut onion and always getting it into my eyes. it's ok as long as you wash with water. Onion is ok. My friend gave me a tip. Next time wash it before you cut it. It helps. Or cut under water. I did it by filling the sink with water, just cover the onion and cut it on the chopping board. The cutting or chopping board must fit into your sink first. Both ways work for me.
  • Nothing to worry about!
  • are you kidding me? Have you seen your questions? You are nutty
  • 1) "As onions are sliced, cells are broken, allowing enzymes called alliinases to break down sulfides and generate sulfenic acids (amino acid sulfoxides). Sulphenic acids are unstable and decompose into a volatile gas called syn-propanethial-S-oxide. The gas diffuses through the air and eventually reaches the eye, where it reacts with the water to form a diluted solution of sulfuric acid. This acid irritates the nerve endings in the eye, making them sting. Tear glands produce tears to dilute and flush out the irritant. Supplying ample water to the reaction prevents the gas from reaching the eyes. Eye irritation can, therefore, be avoided by cutting onions under running water or submerged in a basin of water. Rinsing the onion and leaving it wet while chopping may also be effective. Another way to avoid irritation is by not cutting off the root of the onion, or by doing it last, as the root of the onion has a higher concentration of enzymes. Chilling or freezing onions prevents the enzymes from activating, limiting the amount of gas generated. Using a sharp blade to chop onions will limit the cell damage and the release of enzymes that drive the irritation response. Having a fire, such as a candle or a burner, will help as the heat and flames will draw in the onion gas, burn it, and then send it up with the rest of the flame exhaust. In the heat, the chemical changes such that it no longer irritates the eyes. The volume of sulphenic acids released, and the irritation effect, differs among Allium species." Source: 2) "Do not let paste go into eyes. If at all it happens wash eyes with cold water and take medical advise as onion juice may cause severe irritation" Source: 3) "it's the naughty onion elves spitting invisible onion juice in your eyes. They are frightened of upside down spoons. My nan told me." Source: 4) "Mix little salt in onion juice and put its few drops into the eyes to cure night blindness." "If you get irritation due to mucus of the eye then rub sugar cube in onion juice and put its 2-2 drops into the eyes at night to get relief." "Mix white onion juice in honey and put it into the eyes to cure eye pain and to increase the eyesight." Source:

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