• I wanted to be a cashier, Oh glory be to the mighty cashier!!
  • i wanted ot be a cowBOY. yeah i know, i'm a girl.
  • I wanted to be a chemist, just so I could mix red stuff with green stuff ^_^
  • A telephone marketer. How stupid was I?
  • I wanted to be an archaeologist. I was always researching stuff and writing little stories about digging up tombs and stuff in Egypt and Mexico. Every edition of the school magazine that came out had some pearl of archeological fiction in it from me. LOL
  • I wanted to be an acrobat,I really liked climbing and speed(flying down the hill with my bike).I just was not afraid of anything it seemed like.Till I went to the pool by myself because I really wanted to go swimming and jump into the deep without my life jacket.I don't know how I got out I only remember that I could not swim and I was drinking alot of water!
  • an inventor
  • I wanted to be a fear of blood probably didnt help :) 3rd yr social care student so will get to help people other ways
  • Taste tester:)
  • A garbage truck driver. I wanted to drive those BIG trucks.
  • A Mad Scientist. I thought it would be cool to make my own monsters. (I actually went as far as to get a degree in Genetics...)
  • I wrote a report in the second grade. One of those....When I grow up I want to be....My answer Medical Examiner. The teacher thought I was mistaken and to test me asked what that meant.....I got a few sentences into the discription and she got the hint I knew what I was talking about...some little girls started to cry and she stopped me and never asked for me to read a report to her class again. I was one sick 7 year old. LOL.
  • A motorcycle racer! Vroom! Do they even have those?
  • I wanted to work at Dairy Queen because of all the access to ice cream, ( I also thought I would be allowed to keep the money in the cash register) LOL. I remember my dad trying to explain to me : "it doesnt exactly work that way..." But I didnt get it. Yes , I did go on to get my college degree...
  • I wanted to be a Pony Express rider, but realized not long after that they didn't have them anymore. I also wanted to be the next Lone Ranger.
  • I wanted to be a Chinese Contortionist. My dad took me to the circus every year... and I SO wanted to be one of them! Of course... I'm Irish by heritage...

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