• Pretty much anything that got started because of the movie "clueless". Talk to the hand....There was this one chick who prided herself on starting new trends in our school, she started one that got popular, I never used it because I thought it was ridiculous. Anyway, instead of using the word gross, she replaced it with 'Ewwool'. Stupid, I know..
  • I asked this question because I think it's funny that my 10 year old came home yesterday and called something "wicked cool". She didn't believe me that 25 years ago I was saying the same thing. I wonder how many other terms will be recycled and considered "new".
  • Fun question : ) I grew up with NOT! "I really liked that movie...NOT!" "Wicked" was one also, I thought "sweet" was ridiculous, but find myself using once in a while now... My friends and I called each other "dudette" a lot... I'm sure there's more...I may be blocking the memories of my lameness ;p
  • cool . . . . groovy . . . . boss . . . . daddy-o . . . . chicks . . . . and all sorts of political terms...
  • I'd rather shit a porcupine!

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