• Often highway patrol and the state police are in unmarked cars. If you didn't feel threatened you could have always asked for his badge number. However just know that there are criminals who impersonate cops.
  • I would have asked to see his badge before anything else. That's just scary. And the police should never "yell" at anyone for a traffic violation. He should have served you a violation ticket and gone on his merry way. Anyone can buy a strobe light, IMO.
  • Police officers are police officers 24/7 and always on call. their arrest powers and law enforcement does not stop, just because they are in street clothes. I have made many traffic arrests, while off-duty. I hope this officer identified himself as such. Since i was not there, when this incident occurred, i cannot offer an answer to this part of your question. i can only assume that the officer had good reason to stop you or he would not have.
  • Okay, just to clarify: A general power is given to peace officers to use the necessary force in doing what they are required or authorized to do; the possibility of using force is therefore open to a peace officer performing his duties, peace officers have the right to make an arrest, routine traffic stop, or respond to any emergency call when off duty, even if the particular provision of the Code under which he is acting does not give him such power. [subs. 25(1)b) of the Criminal Code]
  • It depends on the stae you are in; for example in california off duty cops have the right to do that but they should have idenifection on them another example in Massachusetts under the MGL CODES Local cops do not have right to pull you over if they are off duty except the state police; the state police is considered on duty and has the power 24/7 but they should have ID also and unmarked cruisers are acceptable with both local and state
  • Did he state he was a police officer? did he show you his police identification? You did not say.
  • I do not think any police officer has right to yell at anyone. Rather than explaining what happened in a disciplined manner.
  • Just because he was in jeans and a sweat shirt doesn't mean he was off-duty, but I would imagine most places frown on off-duty officers performing traffic stops.
  • Well, he probably had a fight with his GF and decided to make you the example.

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