• Looking at it from outside both sides seem equally keen on this sort of behaviour.
  • Bush supporters seem to enjoy having that knife further twisted in their backs by Bush and his administration. Clinton screws and intern and the religious right wing of this nation think our country is going to hell in a hand basket. Bush screws over an entire nation and the republican party and religious right wing have no problems justifying and condoning their hypocritical actions and behavior.
  • That's all they have. How pathetic!!
  • Probably cause its a us versus them arguement. "you republicans suck, your leader did this" its only natural to come back with "yeah well yours did this". If someone brings up a political scandal in a accusatory manner towards someone that supports that party you usually get something fired back at you. I mean if a Bush supporter started trash talking Obama I'm confident most Obama supports would trash Bush.
  • Who cares, neither one of them is president anymore.
  • Because they cannot get over the fact that clinton was a strong leader, yet liked by the world; while Bush was not of that.
  • all political parties LIKE DIRT...ALL they can furthers their political positions.... all presidents and family are HUMAN beings....they all have issues.....its how they handle it that matters to me...... as far as clinton and his wife...they'd cover up all the could , neither would ever admit ....don't like 'false ,charming' characters....before he was president and most certainly not after.... bush's family is no different from anyone else...but they handle it , and admit.... politics in general make me sick....but u have to judge 'character' in all the messes.....i do.... like Obama, wishy washy, dishonest, undecisive, but self proclaiming, "I AM the president" in other words , he is the I AM and his will and what he wants is all that matters....this man is arrogant and NEVER ANSWERS questions that WE ALL have RIGHTS to KNOW>>> i gotta a lot more respect for characters like Bush's than the Clintons and the Obamas... not upset , just defend Bush before id ever stand behind a clinton or not trust either one...
  • Because the best they've got to whine about is Clinton. In their minds, lying about sex is beyond the pale, whilst lying about invading a country under false pretenses, isn't.
  • That's what you do when you got nothing else to use against democrats.

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