• G'day The Troll, Thank you for your question. It is a combination of both. Many animals have been unable to adapt to the changes to their environment caused by human activity. Let's suppose forest habitat is cleared to make pastoral land. Any species that becomes extinct was unable to adapt. The difficulty is that human activities are faster working than natural changes giving species less time to adapt. Regards
  • Yes. ( Great answer, huh?) Accepting your premise, the animals that survive will naturally be the ones that are fittest ( or adapt [dare i say eveolve?])to survive human activities. Humans and their activities are a part of the natural world that effects other animals. Just as are coral who build reefs and change an eco-system, or beaver who dam a free flowing stream and create a pond which becomes a marsh. It is just that at this time it is probably human activities that has the biggest empact on individual animals and species and on a global scale. BTW do a little reading on more modern concepts of 'survival of the fittest.'
  • With the amount of new construction that I see almost every day, I would guess the human factor. I see so many new homes and businesses being constructed. Even after seeing older ones close. Why can't we use those empty buildings? I remember driving to my friends house and every time I went there, in this one particular spot, we would see wildlife in the field. Now we see Home Depot!
  • Both. Animals go extinct from all of the same evolutionary processes as there has always been, plus humans ARE animals, and humans are a part of nature, so what we do is also a part of natural evolution.
  • IT's just too easy nowadays for animals to not be the survivor because humans have gained or developed the power to effect every part of their environment. THey don't have time to adapt of find new habitats because mankind is encroaching or invading upon their needs.
  • Mainly hauman activities or at least the fact that humans have taken over so much of animals natural habitat.
  • both...your answer is not really a question...because man is just another animal in the equation. We have driven animals to extinction more rapidly than other species...but we are just another species ourselves. In this case man is the 'fittest' --however ephemeral that may be. The world is in a constant state of change. Man right now seems to be the primary mover and shaker...but unless we do something -who knows?

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