• Absolutely. They can become confused and disoreinted as well. At times, people have come across diabetics and thought they were drunk, when of course they weren't. You can also detect a slight smell of acetone on thier breath which has been mistakingly identified as alcohol and unfortunately, some have been arrested for either DWI or Public Intoxication. I'm not a Doctor but I have been trained as a Police Officer and a First Responder (Emergency Care Attendant) and this was one of the first things that we were taught and I have indeed encountered such a situation on the streets. Had I not been an ECA, I'd don't think I would have recognized the symptoms.
  • Yes, that happens
  • Yes. Behaviour becomes erratic and sometimes we become downright horrible. It is nothing personal, it just goes with the territory.
  • I have diabetes and I can tell you that sometimes it does cause moodiness, however, it is never the only symptom so if a diabetic does seem to be angry, PLEASE do not immediately assume that his/her blood sugars are low. I get this all the time from my parents and it is one of the most frustrating things about being diabetic. But if he/she is also uncoordinated, spaced out, seems to have a headache or shaky hands, can't seem to focus his/her eyes or says things that don't make any sense then you should assume that it is a hipo. I hope that helps :)

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