• No offense against you but I think astrology is a lot of hooey!
  • A scorpion and a bull, hmmm ... probably... lol I'm kidding, no clue.
  • Yep just like anyone can get along with anyone else. :-) Why let other things define if we can or can not get along with any single person we meet?
  • If they want ot make it work, then of course!!!! Why let something like astrology get in the way?!?!?!
  • I'm working on your answer currently! lol I'm a taurus gal, have a Scorpio boyfriend of about 6 months now; most of my closest friends throughout my life have been scorpios - they are a boatload of fun, just dont piss them off & you will have a loyal & fun companion..the taurus/scorpio combo is very unique..the good times are amazing..the bad times are almost unbearable.....basically, you bring out the best & worst in each of those love/hate long as these two stuborn signs are able to adapt to; or agree to dissagree on each others opinions & instead work towards common goals utilizing each others similar interests & complimentary talents, this could be a match made in I said; just dont piss each other off - lol

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