• I think you shouldn't have been looking into her computer.
  • An eves-dropper never sees or hear anything good about them self.
  • you bad boy,but i still think you should say you have seen it so you know where you stand
  • Yes that sucks, but when you use evidence that is the fruit of the poisonous tree, it gets you no where.
  • Okay, if you were compelled to snoop around on someone else's private communicaiton, you sensed something was wrong. Let me ask you this, did she get into a relationship with you very soon after the break-up? Maybe she never has really never "gotten over" her ex. Perhaps the reason why they are no longer togther has passed and she still has some feelings in her heart for him. Don't comdemn her for having thoughts about a person. Is it evil to still have a fondness for someone in your past? Do yourself a big favor, instead of being sneaky and lurking around to dig dirt on your girlfriend, let her go. You already know the relationship has stalled and there is really no reason to try to re-start it. The fact that you find her communications "appalling" is good reason to be believe that the relationship lacks all trust and open dialog at this point. I think you should let her go and give her a chance to re-kindle things with her ex. If she comes back to you, then you are meant to be together.
  • Quit snooping...Find out any other juicy tidbits???
  • I think you should mind your own business.
  • Like the old saying goes, "if you go looking for trouble, you will find it". Had you not been snooping into your girlfriends computer, you would not have to be asking this question. Since you have, confront her. she is going to be on the defensive, since her personal property and space, have been invaded. Best you learn the truth now, than later. Sounds like she's still in love with her ex.
  • Sometimes the best defense is a good offense? If you sensed you were having problems, perhaps she's not finding fulfillment in her relationship with you. If you want to confront her, fine - but you might want to consider WHY she is thinking about her ex. What's your ultimate goal here? To confront her, admit you were snooping on her, and dump her? Or to keep her and be a better man than her ex so that she won't think about him anymore? That might decide your plan of action on this one. There may be nothing you can do to keep her from thinking about her ex, but what if there is? Good luck, this is a tough one.
  • Firstly, serves you right for snooping. Secondly, keep your cool about "thinking about" the ex. If the ex had some good characteristics, it is perfectly possible to remember those characteristics and think about the ex without any intention of doing anything about it. Suppose the ex was, say, a great musician: it would not be unreasonable to think about the ex when she hears music of the sort the ex used to play. If the ex was good at anything that you are not good at, it would not be surprising if she though about the ex when that thing came up. People don't wipe their memories when they break up: you can still remember the good - and the bad - sides of your exes. The thing is to amke sure you keep doing whatever it is that you are good at, that attracted her to you in the first place.
  • If you snooped, it prolly meant you don't trust her... and guess what!? Now, you have to own up to your snooping - but, at the same time, make her explain wtf she's doing communicating with her ex. I don't get that about people... why the hell do they have to CREATE SO MUCH DRAMA!?!? If it ends up with you both breaking up, its prolly for the best.
  • I can understand that you would feel hurt by this. But I think it is best to try to forget what you read and be honest with her, perhaps you will get some honesty back as well.
  • You should just keep to your own business. So what, she thinks about her ex. I bet you do as well. Plus you should stay out of her stuff.
  • I think its a bad idea to raid her privacy. If she finds out it will just push her away from you.
  • I found it appalling that you were snooping on her wonder she thinks about her ex a lot! Saying "I've been thinking about you alot"...doesn't have to mean much. I think about my ex a lot...but I never want to see him again. You sound like you are showing your insecurities :)
  • I hope you have many sleepless nights because this is eating you alive. It is the justifiable punishment you are putting yourself through for being a suspicious ignoramus. Trust is in the top five for love. If she is pushing you away, you can’t make anyone love you. If you have security issues, this is probably the problem and it won’t get better with anyone else until you fix that. I suggest living alone for a few years and finding out who you really are and enjoying yourself. It worked for me.
  • bring it to her attention, find out her intentions, and dont forget to mention, that for her love u shouldnt be in a competition............ then call her a cheater and dump her on the spot!!!!!!
  • i really cant belive that you guys are giving this chap a had time for snooping about when he may indeed be in dispare if it was you guys would'nt you want to find out if your spouse was cheating on you as well ? i think so and pushed far enough i think you guys would do something along the same lines as to find out the truth idd i dont condone this action but im in the same position myself atm and if i want to look thro my g/f stuff then i have every right to as we share jsut about everything together and if you find that offencive then you need your head checked for dry rot ofc poeple are going to check up on something first just incase thay have made a real mistake and that could lead to even more trouble in the relationship its a chatch 22 thing and im also very sure if he's been with her a long time then why not look at e.mails stuff why should there be any need to be secretive i have never hid anything from my spose and i never will but then again i guess its ok to say " i would never look thro my g/f or bf stuff" but like iu said put in a position like that im sure you would do the same thing its human nature m8 i feel for you i really do and i hope you find the truth in some way or another soon my wishes are with you
  • Ya, assuming they were together for some time 2 weeks isnt' enough. I just came out of a relationship where the girl had just been bouncing from man to man to man. We ended and within 2 months she was all ready married. I know thats going to come back to haunt her eventually:) But what I would do is not mention the email, but talk to her openly. Tell her you've noticed her acting odd and unsettled latley. Then tell her that you want the best for her, even if that means being with someone else. Then, lastly, tell her that if she feels she has rushed too soon into anything or would like to slow things down to think about things that you would completely understand. If you do it this way, in a tender and loving conversation, any worries she has will come out as she will see you trust her and want what it best for her. Be her friend first and everything else will work out as it should. Remember, no matter what, she is the lady and you are the gentleman. Times like these it kinda sucks being the gentleman because we have to lay aside our pride and desires so that she can do whats best for her. Good luck bro........
  • Its natural for mothers to snoop on their son's computer. For instance, if a mother find pornography on son's computer, she will throw a huge fit talking about the network being sabotage. To: the mothers, moms, Please do not snoop unless you are unsure of what goes on, if its in their apartment. then Its a big deal Its like someone snooping in your diary. It pretty secret and has no place other than the author. To: The dads, Please be careful not to drop into the bedroom to snoop for stuff. you can mess up the relationship with your daughter and son. Leave it alone, Parents, Its your home, you got to lay down the rules for each kids to follow. need to do this while they are young. This way gets the routine started. There will be no snooping problems then, I used to have that when I was growing up. I would have a private stuff, I would go in and find it gone. I would go into my sister's room and find it.

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