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  • I don't. I think there are many, many more men willing to meet strangers for sex than women. Any site like that is going to be overwhelmed by men with relatively few women. Those women who do sign up there have many men to choose from and then leave the site, having found what they want. I think there would be almost no women using the service so they fake it.
  • I would be wary, very wary of Do a google search on "Doe v. et al", they site does ZERO verification of its users, and some poor slob in Ohio is looking at hard time for child molesting because he hooked up with a 14 y/o girl on that site. They site is linked to a lot of spamming, which means they have ties to organized crime (if a company hires criminals to advertise for it, it stand to reason that they company is run by criminals).
  • I scored better on yahoo personals than any sex site. Mostly women looking to play and build their egos. They wait until the best looking guy or whatever they are looking for comes around. Most never even met anybody because like I said they are just there to make believe and build their egos.
  • Well, it's not like I pray to them or something. :-)
  • I believe I BELIEVE
  • I done and it was good, the problem is most profiles are fake on the bigger sites. You needd to try the smaller ones that are more honest.

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