• Actually you cannot change this property of a window at runtime. If you open the browser in the System tab and select Window, then see the properties, you'll see that the property windowtype is "Public, restricted to Non-Writable". If, for instance, in the open event of the window, you coded: This.WindowType = response! (on a window of type: main!) PB will not even compile and will say: "A systemwrite property may only be modified in an event or function in its parent class" If you try in the open event of the application: w_mywindow lw_1 lw_1.windowtype=response! open(lw_1) you'll get the same compilation error. Actually it makes sense that you cannot change the windowtype of a window at runtime. It would lead to unconsistencies, for ex: A child window cannot be opened directly from the application object, it has to be opened from another window.

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