• It sounds like you are V E R Y nervous over something and dont think you can handle it without embarrassing yourself.
  • That you better not be a guest in someone else's house and if for some reason you are you better not have anything to drink after 8 PM! LOL
  • That you're pissed off?
  • Maby it means you want to make love to someone. Just kidding. No it means that your body is dehidrated.
  • It is a fear that you are going to do something embarrassing. Think about what is coming up in your will possibly find that it is related to that occasion.
  • I would say that maybe you are afraid to accept hospitality from people, or you feel that you don't deserve it because you do not trust yourself to not wrong them in the future. You do not want to wrong them for self-gratification, otherwise you wouldn't be afraid of it. You just are afraid that it's going to happen because it's so categorically "not you". I used to be afraid that I was going to throw my toys out the window of the car when I was little...
  • Just marking your territory for a return visit.
  • You are everything and everyone in your dream. The house is you. The reason you are a guest in this house, is that it's a part of your personality or subconscious that has not been explored. Peeing in a bed is an embarrassment, usually unsucesfully covered up. A house represents the person who dreams it. Try to remember everything about the dream. Write it down, and remember you created it. Maybe there is a part of your personality that needs to be revealed, and you are somehow blocking it. Good Luck!
  • Dont sleep over anywhere for the next month.
  • it means that you've been watching the Jeff Daniel's classic Dumb n Dumber scene...........I'm sure that the toilet isn't broken in your dream.
  • Have you ever done that? Do you have a bedwetting history? I am 36 and still have more than the occasional accident and have actually peed in a friend's (several actually) bed. The worst case was when I was in college and I peed the bed at my girl friend's parents house. Talk about a nightmare !~
  • No sleepovers for you yo...;)
  • it means their bed of grass will have dead spots in the corner after you don't take the time to use the bath room... if you meant the bed you sleep in i have no idea
  • You need to find a bathroom, quick!
  • I means you probably had a full bladder when you woke up.

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