• I don't know if it is legal or not but it should be a life is in danger.
  • Obviously the law is different all over the world, but I know of an incident very similar and the police had a resposibility to knock down the door, and the authority.
  • Wow, Tough one. Hate to be wrong and find a bunch of evidence you can't use. But I'm going to say yes. Some sort of excuse can be found. "Joe did you hear a cry for help?" "Yeah Frank, I think I did"
  • Usually when a person wants to kill themselves, the do. When the want help (even if they don't know it) the TELL someone that they are going to. Not only do I think its ok, but should be mandatory. Kicking down a simple door to save a loved ones life seems a small trade.
  • Absolutely! I think they almost Have to, don't they, John? You know better than anyone.

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