• I had about 15 pounds of it stored away, but last week a mouse chewed a hole in the box late at night and let it all out. Man, talk about waking up in a flash, and the poor wee beastie was blinded. Now there is daylight all over the place, I haven't been able to sleep since. I been wearing sunglasses in the house. I'd go outside just to give my eyes a rest but the neighbors complain about the glare when I open the door. Next year I am renting a safety deposit box at my bank. And maybe another one at the eye bank, I'll keep one eye in it just in case, that way if there is another leak I can at least see half the stuff I am missing this year.
  • I didn't see the need as my wife has about 8,347 candles readily available.
  • None. We do not observe DST.
  • I blew it all the first chance I got. I guess I'm just not good at saving daylight. LOL!

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