• no, didnt know that was the shortest day
  • In someway. Knowing that the 10 days from the 21st we gain 10 minutes. By March sunset will be 7Pm(with daylight savings time included) Usually look at the 21st of each month and check to see how much brighter or darker it got. You really notice it in March (things get dark at 6 not 5 and Aug things get dark at 7 not 8 )
  • Other than observing or acknowledging it, no. How did you or would you celebrate the winter solstice?
    • Roaring
      A bonfire and drumming perhaps.(weather permitting) A big fire in the fireplace at church, and lots of candles. Writing down on paper what you want to let go of and put it in the fire. The old/ancient earth based traditions had many ways of celebrating the day where the following days will be getting longer (northern hemisphere)

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