• You need to pick him up in Jamica and bring him back to US. It can take from 6 days to 1 year.
  • Getting married in Jamaica, albeit romantic, would probably triple the time before your boyfriend could come to the U.S. If your are serious about marriage get a fiancee visa. This will cost around $400 to the U.S. govt. for processing and about $800 for a lawyer to fill out the paperwork, unless you do that part yourself however any mistakes can hold up the visa. You will have to provide proof that you have been visiting each other(photos/travel itineraries), your U.S, birth certificate, proof of income for multiple past years, proof of communication (phone bills/letters) and possibly other evidence of your relationship. In Jamaica, your boyfriend will have to get a letter from the police stating he has no criminal record, a medical test, and a meeting at the U.S. embassy. From beginning to end, turning in paperwork to receiving the visa, takes about 9 months. The visa is good for six months and you must marry within three months after your boyfriend arrives in the U.S. After three months of marriage you can apply for a green card (without the green card you can not legally work or travel outside the U.S.). If you or he have been married before that can slow down the process. If you marry first in Jamaica it can take two years for a visa. Check with an immigration lawyer first, as laws and govt. paperwork are subject to change.

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