• I feel the same way. We might just have a needle phobia.
  • If you were very scared and nervous before you went in, that could do it.
  • That's a normal thing for some people when they either lose some blood, or see some blood.
  • I have this same problem. I was told that I am hyperventilating. You should lay down when having blood drawn, and do not watch them do it either. It starts before the blood is actually drawn. We work ourselves up into a state of anxiety and don't breath properly. hyperventilate definition: In medicine, hyperventilation (or overbreathing) is the state of breathing faster and/or deeper than necessary, thereby reducing the carbon dioxide concentration of the blood below normal.
  • I give myself 4 insulin shots every day, and I still feel like passing out when they take blood...
  • Because your anticipating something bad and hurtful and your panicking, Most of the nurses that take mine can hit the vain with ease, hardly no pain and are done in seconds, my doctor took some blood once and missed the vein 5-6 times and it started to hurt like hell, I told him next time I would wait till his nurse was back from
  • Because the nurse always screws it up.

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