• First of all there is no such a drug that produces serotonin.If u mean antidepressive drugs they just prevent the reuptake of the signal substance serotonin.A swiss product known as BIOSTRATH sold through health shops contains among other things, serotonin.
  • I did mean serotonin releasing drug eg ecstacy - some people report feeling down after taking this I suppose this is a dip in the availability of the nerve transmitter after such a massive release. I have since read that omega3 is a precursor or component of seratonin.
  • I have read that Tryptophan or L-Tryptophan can help with the production of seratonin and may be good for preventing depression. I intend to investigate it myself very soon, since this never-ending winter is threatening to send me towards depression. However, if you are already suffering from depression / anxiety to some degree the only herbal rememdy available is St John's Wort (known as "nature's Prozac"). Other remedies are cognitive behavioural therapy (mental training to avoid negative mental patterns which lead to depression), getting enough sunshine, and good old fashioned exercise, which produces seratonin.

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