• Because what THAT girl thinks really matters!
  • well when they're flirting with the ladies, they're sort of playing them on in a way, when you think about it. so they feel that they have control of the situation which makes them feel bold and strong and manly. but when it comes to the girl of their dreams, they get all intimidated and they no longer have control of the situation cuz the girl in front of them is so dazzlingly outshining them. plus they've got to say all the right things and they get all conscious of what the right thing to talk about is and etc. i think its stupid, really. in fact, men are stupid.
  • Fear of rejection. They want to be liked, but their nerves take over. Studdering, uncontrollabe shifting, and sweating may occur. It's hard to look directly in their eyes. All of a sudden it's an uncomfortable situation.
  • It's different when your heart is in it.
  • Where do you get your statistics from, I was never that way, if you know what you want you do your damn best to impress her before someone else beats you to it...Being shy is for losers especialy if your a flirt that can't complete the mission then have to watch some other guy walk away with her because you can't close...Just my opinion
  • Because real emotions are involved and many guys are lousey at dealing with real emotions. They may also feel they are unworthy of the one they are enamoured with, and probably are.
  • usually
  • Probably because flirting for fun is different then flirting because you actually like someone!

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