• Heck no, I'll eat them for lunch.
  • I do know a few partially trained bullies that are somewhat scary, but most of the martial artists I know (myself included) are extremely peacefull and do not offer any real reasons for fearing them. The only peolple who would have a reason to fear them would be the agressive idiots who try to attack them without reason ... so NON-martial artists, and their untrained and undisciplined acts of violence, are the ones I fear more.
  • Who could be scared of this guy??? He's so sweet :)
  • No I am sure I am much too small for anyone to be afraid of at all. I certainly know some experts that would frighten the hell out of me.
  • Its all about experience!!! Bottom line! You can see it in there eyes!! And I have killed men with my hands and weapons for this country!! And let me tell you, be really really cautious who you approach with a bad attitude!! Im 24 and the only thing I fear is cancer and getting old!! Godspeed
  • The only people I fear with martial arts training are those who have not learned discipline. Since I am a non-aggressive person, someone with discipline will generally get along with me. Someone lacking in discipline might think that they have something to prove and use me as their tool. That makes me worry. Peace.
  • Not afraid of them unless I have royalty pissed them off (which, by the way is something I usually try and avoid). I think the higher level masters kick ass!! I think I was a ninja in a past life because I have this weird fascination with them.....
  • I am not scared of who learn martial arts scary beacuse there is nothing to scare of execpt god.
  • lol No, not at all. I think people like that are strange creatures indeed (the ones who are scared needlessly). Personally I think more of them then to think they're just mindless retards who punch and kick everything in their sight- so I'd have nothing to be afraid of. My boyfriend trains in BJJ, boxing and has had some informal training in Muay Thai. I think I actually feel more safe around him and his friends because if the sh*t hit the fan they'd be able to take care of themselves, not like the idiots who watch only one UFC or WWE and think they're friggin' Matt Hughes.
  • no, I feel jealous for not knowin MA very much
  • o, I'm not scared of them. While I know I would get my arse handed to me in seconds by someone with extensive training, I also realise that MA's respect those who show honour, and, as I am a fairly honourable and moral people, I wouldn't consider myself as someone who has need to be afraid. I know several guys who study MA, one of them having trained in Muay Thai for five years and MMA for 3 years. I don't fear him, because I know he respects me. I also know that I can handle myself against martial artists with several years training, because I've done it before. I'm informally trained in a bit of Taekwondo, kickboxing, USMC MAC, and Royal MArines Commando self defence, so I know how to fight underhand and hard. I would still accept that there are many people who would lay me the F*** out if I gave them cause to. I have a respect for martial artists, as I appreciate the self-discipline and control required.
  • They might know Kung-Fu but we know .357 Magnum!!!
  • Most people who know martial arts can't really fight. Most martial art schools are competition-oriented so they spend most of their times doing forms, breaking boards and sparring. Since they don't give out medals for actual self-defense skill they hardly ever practice such. And most of the techniques in sparring aren't useful in a real fight. Most martial artists would be beaten if they ever came across a larger, stronger opponent, a boxer, a wrestler, more than one person, an armed attacker, or if the opponent simply gets in the first hit.
  • I can answer your question from my perspective, only for a training aspect though. No. There should be nothing about martial arts that is considered scary. I have trained myself for the past 3 years. The training is very hard however, when i am working a choke, punch, kick, knife technique. I am fully aware that (as tough as the instuctors are) they will not cause harm nor injure me while im there. They are simply techniques that are used over and over continuously untill they become natural so if it was a real life situation you could defend yourself. The techniques are real and do work when applied correctly. I hope that helps... im a single mother of three. I take Kenpo karate with all 3 of my children. we love it.
  • I'm not scared of the two I live with. Granted, they are new to it, but I don't think I will find them scary even in several years. I'm not scared of the Tae Kwand Do Master who teaches them either. For one thing, one of the main tenants of the teaching is not to use the skills to harm someone, unless you are using it self defense.
  • Hi,, I look up to them, especially the women. I worked with a beautiful, slender young woman for years..she took Akido (sp?) and you'd never know to look at her that she could not only defend herself but probably anyone else who needed it. I think it very cool, actually, for a gal to know that stuff! Happy Thurday! :) ((hugs))
  • No. I only know one person who has studied martial arts. He doesn't seem physically impressive and he acts like a average person of his age.
  • Don't fear the ones who make sure everybody knows they are a martial artist. Fear the ones who are secure enough in their abilities that they don't feel the need to brag. Many of the baddest people KNOW they are bad, and have no need to brag, they have no need to prove themselves.
  • No. In general, most of the people you meet in the martial arts are the most honorable people you could ever meet. What's scary is the street fighter/mugger who has learned a few kicks like the roundhouse (surprise!).
  • No, unless the person who knows a martial art is bigger and stronger than me and also mean and agressive... The only one I know who does martial arts is my girlfriend and I have at least 50 lbs on her, so I'm pretty safe haha
  • No they may know how to play the art, but there is alway a way to beat them even the best of them. Most of the time simply moving out of the way will do it but most people stand and defend with arms.
  • Of course not - I know a few and so do most of my friends.
  • No..its not scary if you practise it :D
  • I'm not scared by anybody that I train with. I have a lot of respect for them, but I don't fear them. The ones I fear have guns and bad intentions. Most martial artists have good hearts and don't look for trouble. Most of us have much more emotional discipline than the average joe.
  • I never tell people that I am a Black Belt.
  • People who genuinely know martial arts are rarely dicks about it because of the discipline involved. People who only claim to "know" martial arts are much scarier.
  • I never tell people that I am a black belt. I am always humble and well mannered.

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