• It would be the People's Court after hours where people do take the law into their own hand and judge Koch is not present; Doug Llewellyn wouldn't even be there to take after proceedings statements.
  • No one's ever really said anything bad about me here. Nothing that I've ever heard about, anyway.
  • Technically, and legally, they can. However, if you're an American, you would run into the First Amendment block, and spend thousands of dollars trying to file a suit about something said on a website. Would that really be worth it?
  • Unlikely. Libel and slander require proof of false statements of fact (not opinion) that cause some harm to one's reputation. Since we are all anonymous, faceless screen names on this site, it would be pretty much impossible to prove that a personal reputation was harmed.
  • Most definitely. The nasty things that are said must be false and you must be able to prove damages (except when the nasty things said are defamation per se like accusing someone of being gay or an adulterous).
  • Absolutely. According to the attorney my sister just spoke to, it certainly can. It's the new wave :)
  • I don't know for a certainty but I would imagine so. This is a public forum and nothing here is protected or anything. I would imagine you would have to positively prove that it hurt or caused you harm.

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