• You need to move on or get some serious relationship counseling. He is responsible for his own actions. Personally, I'd be a bit insecure, too, if I were in your position - and rightly so! What do you mean by "attempted" to cheat? As easy as it is to cheat on the internet, if he "attempted" there is a good chance he did. And even if he didn't get physical with another woman, cheating is more about emotional betrayal than physical. By attempting, he was 90% there. Personally, it sounds like he is trying to justify his actions without care for your feelings. That he would blame you in advance tells me that (1) he either is or is planning to cheat on you again and has no big qualms about it, and (2) he has little or no respect for you. So I repeat, move on or if you aren't ready to go yet, try to get some counseling for the two of you. If he doesn't go or if he bullshits the counselor you'll at least know for sure (if you don't know already) that he doesn't deserve you.
  • That is a mind game. It sounds as though you are secure with your insecurity. If you are not, you can always dump him. You can have some couselling and try to stay with him, though I doubt he will ever take responsibility for his own actions.
  • This one is easy, find a new boyfriend. And do it before his excuse for cheating gives you an STD.
  • Why do we let partners scare us with this whole "insecurity" issue. Insecurity can be a healthy yellow light that tells us to proceed with caution! So, if you suspect your partner and they accuse you of being "insecure", 9 times out of 10....they are guilty. That is they're way of getting the focus off of themselves and making you feel like an idiot!
  • Dump him! My ex had me convinced I was suffering serious paranoia and even recommended mental health counseling.Then he moved in with his new girlfriend!!! DUMP HIM, DUMP HIM,DUMP HIM!!!!
  • Honestly, I think you should have dumped him as soon as you found out he "attempted" to cheat. No relationship is worth it, when it comes to cheaters.
  • Hes a b++stard, excuse my French. Leave him. I would not stand for that at all. He is obviously not supportive of you at all.
  • Slap in the face and a kick in the balls. You don't deserve shit like that, even if you do have "insecurities".
  • Anytime a guy tells you that you are insecure when he has tried to cheat and you know about playing minds games with you. Anytime a guy uses the words: insecure, crazy, or paranoid you can be sure he's up to something. So, are you still with this guy?
  • If he hasn't already he is 100% planning on cheating on you. Do not give him the chance, leave him.
  • What should you do about it? He's telling you he's going to cheat and somehow it's your fault? Break up with him! He's a fucking moron.
  • Get a "backbone"! Do you REALLY. . . .I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y. . . . .believe that WORRYING about it is going to actually STOP him???? NO??????? Then, damnit, STOP WORRYING. . . . .live your life. . . . .if he f*ucks-up. . . . . .GET RID OF HIM! Damn! What is WITH people like you?!? Fret, worry, mull, worry some more! Damn! GET ON WITH YOU LIFE, already! Shit!
  • You are the same person he first met, he's using guilt to make you feel worse about yourself so he can justify the cheating he's doing!!! Let him be a mental pigmy and move on to greener pastures! There is a lot of bull he's feeding you, and since you're not married to him, give him the deserve a better man than one who tries to blame his infidelities on you!!! Tell this wrong one to be gone!!!+5
  • dump the fucker before the enivitable happens, he fucks new meat and dumps you. nobody deserves to be treated like like in a RE-LAY-TION-SHIP. seriously, DUMP THE FUCKER, and if you can, take the internet connection with you.:p
  • How has he "attempted to cheat"? You haven't provided enough information in that area for me to take you seriously. Also, what exactly are you doing? To me, it sounds like you are an excessive worrier who doesn't trust him and he's annoyed with you for not trusting him. Neither of your attitudes show that you're putting any effort into your relationship. You're both wrong.
  • you should leave him ...what do your insecurities have to do with him cheating on you with someone else...not a damn so leave him and find someone better
  • How the hell can you "cheat" on the internet? That's a nonsense statement if I ever heard of one. Let me tell you dear - lighten up a little - or you will drive your boyfriend away....If your not married or even engaged then both of you are free agents and can see whomever you want whenever you like - with no strings attached. Get a grip girl - and just go with the flow - and don't worry about what your boyfriend does until your relationship takes a more serious tone
  • you're driving him to it..?? listen if he is sincerely and honestly into you then, he should be taking it as= my gurl is possessive, she loves me, what can i say... With me,i mean my guy, believe me..i give all that insecurities jab like all the time..n he knows how i am..n he still loves me the same, he respects me for what i am and i cant help it. If i dont fit into his thing he tries to fit in mine and vice kno. Theres nothing like o i drove him into it..then that'll be like he wasnt into me that much in the 1st place and thus doesnt deserve my love!!
  • What should you do? Break up with him. Usually I recommend a healthy dose of honest communication but from what you've said I don't think this guy is worth the effort, and it probably wouldn't work anyway. He tells you that any future cheating he'll do is your fault: that's just plain cruel. He accuses you of insecurity when he admits to trying to cheat in the past and suggests he'll try again in the future: that's just plain illogical. He tried to cheat before and failed? That's just plain pathetic! DEAL-BREAKER!
  • You drove him.....thats bullshit.....find a new guy you can trust cause lord knows what else has happened.

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