• If you want to remain friends, then yes. That's what friends do.
  • Sometimes it's good to get the ball rolling. A lot of times if you apologize, the other person will too.
  • That is what a friend does.
  • You could apologise for saying things you didnt mean (if you did), or upsetting him/her. You should also be able to point out that you aren't willing to take all the blame for the falling out. A strong friendship will withstand the honesty
  • They're your best friend for a reason. Nobody's perfect. I'd say do whatever it takes to maintain the friendship.
  • Pride won't stand beside you, support you, make you laugh and share in your joys and pains. A best friend will.
  • Wow what I question? Dang this is like my freshman year all over again.Yes you should. You are actually being the bigger person by humbling yourself.If she or he is still mad or whatever its their problem and they have issues.
  • You don't have to say sorry for whatever was not your fault but if the friendship is important to you then it's a good idea to say you're sorry for the upset even if you both disagree on who's at fault. +5
  • You better swallow your pride and make up. If she misses you too, then there is a good chance you will be well recieved and she won't make you feel subservient. It will take a lot of time and effort to find another best friend with whom you can share memories and a strong bond.
  • only if u want to keep that friend. maybe u should apologize and then explain to her wat u feel about wat has happened. if she really cares about u she will apologize too.
  • No, you don't.
  • Does it really matter who is right or wrong? If you value your friendship and shes not going to say it them you may have to. Besides, If she really is your best friend, then she is allowed a few mistakes from time to time. I'm sure your not perfect either.

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