• HOw old are you if your in grade school hold hands talk hug when she leaves wait for the next date for things to get interesting if your in High school and you know her then i would kiss her on cheek when she gets there hold hands and talk alot then at the end it wouldent be a bad thing to kiss on lips at that age but it depends on the girl maby inviter her to hang out for awhile go for a walk or something.
  • Well, at my age (I'm a Grandmother)if someone takes me to a movie on a first date I assume they do not want to get to know me, are shy, or just plain cheap. I am assuming you must be young since you mention having had only 3 girlfriends. On my very first date we went to a drive in which I am not sure they exist anymore. LOL
  • We watched the movie.
  • I felt a right tit.
  • Watched the movie... it's actually a lousy first date, because you have no opportunity for interaction, except to/from. Better to go get dinner... THEN maybe a movie. and... don't put "the moves" on a girl at a theatre. It is tacky and too public and just plain uncomfortable.
  • Go to a movie that she likes? Do a lot of walking and talking, but do more listening than talking (show her that you'll listen to her). If she starts to get touchy and maybe when your both walking you can brush your arms with hers? when giving your answer something touch her arm and or shoulder? but I don't want you to screw things up by going to fast though. If any of this helps or looks useful for a first date then by all means do what u gotta do, it not, save it for the second or third. Have a pleasant first date :)
  • I think (being a girl) she will WANT the moves on her. it may be seen as tacky to adults but its just because you dont like it. Watch the movie, and let her lean on you(arm rest up) then maybe hook up at the end. good luck

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