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  • Nope. You should send him home and TELL HIM you are going :-)
  • Go for it , just don't tell him you've got a hangover if he rings in the morning !!
  • still with the part eh??? lol if you want to go to the party badly go for it, although like i said before either make sure he doesnt find out or straighten him up and tell me that nothings gunna happen if you go to the party meaning (you want cheat or what not) cause i truly believe that he might be worried about that if he doesnt want you to go.
  • Depends how much you care for him and how much you value the trust in your relationship. If you intend to go, I would tell him that is your intention and try to get him to go with you.
  • If it's important enough for you to consider deceiving your boyriend, I'd just come out and tell him that it's something that you really want to do and tell him you're going. If he's upset, so be it. Just be honest with him.
  • I'd tell him you respect his opinion but are going to the party regardless. Your a big girl, do as you please.
  • Why not!? My friend used to tell me she would drug her boyfriend's tea with sleeping tablets and go out for hours!
  • Yeah if I had a g/f who forbade me from doing something, I'd seriously consider whether I wanted to carry on going out with them.
  • Why dont you ask him if he would like to join you. If he says no then just tell him...Ill see you tomorrow after Ive gone to the party I was invited to.
  • No you should tell him you are going, you can't really go wrong by being honest.
  • i think you should put yourself in his shoes... all these ppl telling you to leave him and sh!t, thats a bunch of crap..... just think of how you would feel if you found out that he did the very same thing to you. How would YOU feel if he said "oh bye hun, ill see you tomorow, im just heading straight for bed" then 30 seconds after you leave hes calling his friends sayin "ok boys lets go get drunk i just got rid of my girlfriend woo hoo" Im sure you wouldnt want him to lie to you like that. See i was having the same problem with mt boyfriend. I wanted to go out, i always asked him if he wanted to come but he sed no... but i went anyways... so here he is sittin alone at our house... bored.... on his only night off and im at the parties and bars and stuff..... well he didnt like it much... and then one day he went out all nite with his buddies after i told him i wanted to spend some time with him..... i didnt like it that much, i was hurt, and all he had to say was-see.... doesnt feel to good does it:( so from now on i dont go out half as much because i know i wouldnt like it if he went out without me...i guess i just realized that he felt kinda jealous or something when i was out with my freinds, they are all single and looking... im practically married... lol so hes prbabaly thinking theres gonna be tons of single guys around his girlfrend all nite lol... not very good.... and vice versa when he goes out
  • Why are you so sure he is going home?
  • haha omg thats soo much like my boyfriend... he like never lets me go to parties without him.... i feel that you should just like do what you want... and he should just trust you, and you shouldnt lie to him.. if he cant accept that u just wanna go to a party a have fun then maybe he's not worth keeping a realahsonship with.. cause you are violating his trust if you lie to him... and thats really not the rigth thing to do eather.
  • Be honest. Tell him you're going. If he can't trust you, you need to rethink you're relationship. If you plan on cheating when you go to the party, then end the relationship now. There's no reason he shouldn't trust you if you haven't given him a reason.
  • he should just let you go if he actually has trust in you :3 xD

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