• No. I think both people should have their points reset.
  • That's usually the way it works, and I don't really mind it. It's not such a big deal.
  • I really think that the congratulatory questions aren't about points, so it shouldn't matter.
  • All they have to do is answer the question and say thank you everyone and people will laud points upon them too.
  • not really..
  • WEll it's like when someone gets a promotion at work or it's a celebration. We have to give a gift. And the gift is a point and a congrats. How i see it :p
  • I like K-Dogg's answer....have them answer their own congratulatory question and get some well deserved points.
  • Personally I think that if we wish to congratulate people we should not be worrying about collecting points for it. The person we are congratulating is the one that has done the work. It is up to the individual if they wish to join in. Personally I do not know how people manage to keep up with other peoples accounts to know when they make a new level .I cannot even keep up with my own other people have to tell me.
  • The object of the question? Sure, I guess, if that person answers a congrats question about him or herself, LOL I believe the person who asks the question, however, should not get points. Why not? Because a few ABers - people who barely know the person being congratulated - are asking the questions, just for points. That, of course, means the new Sage/Maestro/Guru's friends can't ask because someone who only cares about points already has dibs on the question. Maybe the only way to stop this practice is to make congratulations questions un-pointable. Maybe then, the points mongers will get the message: Throw congrats parties because you love the people - not the points!
  • That would be fine with me. I was down rated three times for congratulating you, and I said in one comment that if I could give you all the points from that question - I would without hesitation.
  • would they do that?

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