• wasn't the first colour movie, so I was expecting it!
  • Yes a little bit. We had the first color T.V. on the block. Bought that day. Hooked up just in time. Had the whole neighborhood over to watch it.
  • I think it is wonderful that this movie brings back memories of excitement and bring people together.
  • I worked in film for years,and I remember being somewhat repulsed by the lack of quality of the color process.It looks cheep and like a 3'rd rate movie.The movie itself was great.They should have never attempted such a feat at the time.
  • It was the color era and I paid no attention since I was too young to take into account the intricacies of pre-color Hollywood back in my youth.
  • Sure. We got this huge big wooden console color TV with not all that big of screen by today's standards. The Wizard of Oz came on once a year during those days and that was a big event. I remember it well.
  • No, I thought it was scarier in black and white.
  • I totally freaked, for years I had no idea that it was in color once Dorothy hit OZ.
  • It was a major event in our house. They played it on Halloween night. I remember mom made popcorn and we had apple cider. The whole family gathered to watch it on our first color tv. I thought it was wonderful.
  • I was about 8 or 9 and yes I did freak when Dorothy walked out of her house into Munchkinland and when the witch of the east's feet curled up under the house.

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