• Okies, Lizzie... I think we're reading just a LITTLE too deep into this one. I wonder if there's a Barbosa bird... ^_^
  • birds have a lot to do with fairs of the sea
  • Yeah, I did. Actually, the writers explained this--Will doesn't actually have a bird name, only Jack & Elizabeth do. Either Ted Elliott or Terry Rossio said that he was in a sort of animal mode when they were coming up with names as they were writing the first script, and they had Sparrow because his character had to be free, like a bird, & Elizabeth was graceful like a swan (and Keira Knightley has a long neck like one), but then said it would have been taking it too far if they'd named Will after an animal--someone said something about calling him "Will Bear"--but it would have been too much. Which is one more reason I've always felt that Jack & Elizabeth were meant to be together, not her & Will. Birds of a feather...

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