• Not until now. But usually, they don't care because every single one of them is a terrorist!
  • I don't think it's because they are Muslims-it is because they are not westerners. 650,000 dead brown skinned people really isn't really significant to most 'civilised' people in the 'west'. Certainly not as tragic as 50 dead in the London bombings or 3000 dead on 9-11. No number of non-western deaths could ever be as tragic as the death of a single westerner. To a westerner all life is valuable, and to non westerners, life is cheap, so when iraqis die-it's less tragic. That seems to be the logic.
  • I don't care because the world is over populated
  • Many people don't care at all about anything that does not affect them personally. That is a very sad truth. It was probably always that way, but I think it is more so among the wealthy because they can afford to insulate themselves from other people's misery..they can afford to donate to causes, but they do have the benefit of tax writeoffs, so one wonders how much of the charitable gift is really charitable and not a business decision. :(
  • Two things, America has enough problems already to be getting caught up in the problems of others. Second, people don't care too much about fools. The Iraqis ARE NOT GOING TO MODERNIZE. If Saddam couldn't do it we certainly can't. Why care so much about them if they're just not going to make good decisions?
  • No, I don't think that. Maybe they don't want to deal with the horror, the agony. Maybe they'd relate too closely. Maybe they are happy it's not happening where they are. Maybe they don't know anyone in that far off land. Maybe they like to feel that it's remote and doesn't affect them at all. I think many Muslims in the U.S. feel that way too.
  • Not at all. I get the feeling that a lot of people don't care about the gigantic death toll in Iraq simply because it is not tangible to them. They have neither witnessed death of this form or scale, nor had to live in a country ravaged by it. Or they're filthy, disgusting sadists.
  • Yes, and also perhaps because the victims have darker skin than they do. I have wondered about that before.
  • Like Stalin said "one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic"
  • I think there are plenty of Americans who are apathetic to their plight due to religious bigotry however I think the larger reason for their apathy has to do with the lack of coverage in the media and the fact that virtually no one is even attempting to count the number of dead civillians in Iraq..
  • Yeah its not like they're really human are they?
  • I often wonder. Many people are STILL under the belief that all people who are Muslim are terrorists, and it's just so angering that people are so freakin' ignorant! "Oh man, there's one of them towel thingys! Git yer gun, let's git 'im!"

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