• In foot refloxology, an extension of TCM/acupuncture the spot you refer to would roughly correspond to the Liver. Is there pain when you press hard on the area with your thumb and rotate it around in circles around the area>
  • I just found this blog which I don't even know if I will get a response after this amount of time but it's worth a try. I have the same symtoms. Exactly as Ash explains. Same foot even. This has been going on for about 5 years that I can remember. I am not over weight nor do I eat unhealthy. I want to know what this could be? Thanks for the help.
    • Alex Henley
      I have this as well... left foot, itchy spot on the bottom, just always there. I finally tried a cream I was prescribed for red, flaky spots on my face (I have to use from time-to-time - AND IT'S WORKING!! The cream is Triamcinolone Acetonide (Cream USP, 0.1%) Ask your Dr. if you can give it a shot?
  • I have exactly the same symptom! I've had it for about 5 years, it sometimes drives me nuts, especially when I get a bit stressed. It's very hard to itch cause it is deep under the thick skin in the middle of the heal, so I use something sharp to get at it. I'm a doctor and I have no idea what causes it (I do occasionally suspect madness though - colleagues I have quizzed have suggested the same). There is NO medical literature on this one. Are you kindred suffers sane?. I'm glad that there's someone in the world who understands the itchy spot. My sympathies to you...
    • enforcerjj
      simonq, that's the sad part about MD's, they are so quick to rule out and even ridicule "alternative" medical therapies such as wholistic health practitioners and Homeopaths etc, but there is SO MUCH MORE to know and understand about the human body than you MD's are ever trained to understand. You guys are only taught to understand treatments using modern technology and big pharma drugs. So sad. Any good Homeopath could get to the root of your problem QUICKLY!! They can tell you what organs and parts of the body are associated with that part of the foot and can help figure out a solution. I can't tell you the COUNTLESS number of times people that I know have gone to MD's and couldn't get answers to their problems, in one case my father even went to THREE dr's about a problem in his shoulder, they ALL told him it was not a tear etc, and that it would heal. They refused to let him get an MRI, citing insurance policies etc. They sent him to get therapy, it LITERALLY made him MUCH worse. The PT finally told him to stop coming bcuz he was getting worse. So my father went to a Naturopath that our family often goes to who is AWESOME. He does stuff YOU GUYS would call quackery!! He can take a picture of your eye and show you a chart where EVERYTHING in your body is represented by a section of your eye - ridiculous is what you guys would call it, but it's SO TRUE, and has been known about for CENTURIES!!! He looked at my father's eye, and immediately told him (without any other exam and without any other knowledge of what was going on), you have torn rotator cuff. Actually 2 tears and one of them is very bad and will not heal. My dad went back to dr and DEMANDED an MRI. They finally gave him one. When the dr called him in to discuss results, guess what he told my dad? "Well I can tell you what's wrong with your shoulder. You have TWO TEARS, and ONE IS VERY BAD AND WILL NOT HEAL ON IT'S OWN!". DUUH!! And guess what the last thing was that he said to my dad before my dad went to get his MRI? Referring to the Naturopath my dad had seen, the dr said, "Well, we'll see which one of us is right!". And then when he told my dad EXACT SAME NEWS that my dad told HIM after seeing the NP, the dr was speechless and never even apologized etc. He actually made the shoulder UNREPAIRABLE by sending my father to PT and making the problem worse, so they cannot repair it and a reverse replacement was the only option and he was told he would end up losing much of his movement etc, so he had minor surgery to do some stuff which would help pain, but now lives with his shoulder as it is. (He's over 80 but still in very good health otherwise). I have a pain in my side, went to NP and never even told him I was having a problem. He looked at my eyes and said, I can see you have an enlarged spleen with a viral infection. He pointed to where my spleen is and it's the EXACT spot where I often get a pain. He was able to explain what's going on, and how my stomach and other things are pressing against the inflammed spleen and causing the pain. I had told him that often the pain is less after bowel movements, and some other weird little oddeties, the things he told me explained it all perfectly. Later on it was confirmed by a MD. I can tell you so many other examples of people who were diagnosed and CURED in many cases, by NP's after being told my MD's they had no idea, or being diagnosed with problems that were wrong etc. Another exmple, my father was told by his Dr that he needed radiation for an enlarged prostate. They tried several other things, but dr determined radation was only option, and scheduled appt for several months later. My dad went to NP, told him, the NP asked my dad if he would like to not have to go thru that. He put my dad on natural treatments and by the time my dad was supposed to go to his appt, the dr did another check up and was SHOCKED and said, it's NORMAL, there's NO NEED for radation!!! He asked my dad what he had been taking
  • I have the same thing too. Mine is on the bottom of my right foot only in the center just below the ball or pad off-center towards the outside edge. I have seen doctors who didn't know what it was, One thought it was my walk and because I have minor osteoarthritis on my big toe (it pops all the time and it gets a bit stiff in the cold) but I got orthotics and I have tested it by staying off of it for several days and it still itches. I know it is not athletes foot because I know what that looks like. I have had it itch so bad that I started to peel off the skin (a bit callous in that area but not solid hard). Then throughout the day I have to basically put my weight on the side of my foot to try to fold the bottom of my foot a bit in order to make that area tingle and get some relief. I have had electro-acupuncture (hurts initially on the bottom of the foot but the hurts in a good way during the pulses then it is fine for about 2 hours then it itches again). I am trying a candida and parasite cleansing now to see if that is it (even though all candida materials talk about rashes and athletes foot, but this is not that). It is just an itching in one area that is now a lot worse because I peeled off the skin. I am M, 36, 6'1", 175 lbs and healthy. Does anyone know what this is? Please Help!!!!
  • I have also had this a few times. it gets soooo annoying! I never knew what it was. I would almost scratch my foot raw it was so itchy.
  • I have the exact same thing on my left foot. its been about a month now. Feels similar to a mosquito bite, but no redness or raised histamine-like reaction! It helps not to scratch, but it feels so good to do so.
  • I have the same problem, right in the arch of my right foot, but it gets worse at night. It wakes me up. During the day, it doesn't seem to bother me because I am on my feet and therefore have pressure on the area. I have been able to get relief sometimes by applying Bengay to my foot before I go to bed. Also, putting a Bandaid or a loosely wrapped ace bandage around my foot at night (applying pressure) seems to help. It's weird because it isn't always a problem, and I can go many months without recurrence...
    • Alex Henley
      I have this as well... left foot, itchy spot on the bottom, just always there. I finally tried a cream I was prescribed for red, flaky spots on my face (I have to use from time-to-time - AND IT'S WORKING!! The cream is Triamcinolone Acetonide (Cream USP, 0.1%) Ask your Dr. if you can give it a shot?
  • I found this blog simply because I wrote into Google "ichy spots under my right foot" and guess what I am not alone....I only see one tenacious answer that I am sure isn't the real solution, although I will admit that it gets much worse if my feet are shut up in hot shoes in the summer. I do remember when it started. It was when I bought my old house in the country and I started working outside in leather boots that would get wet. I have wondered if it is a kind of fungus but honestly I never think to mention it to a doctor. The thing is both feet got the same treatment and this has been only on my right foot now for about 15 years!! Like the others, it is on the bottom and in the arch and slightly up on the inner side of the arch. I can feel like little hard bumps under the skin at the points where it iches. If I don't scratch it, it is better but sometimes it is just so itchy that it keeps me awake too. So who can give an answer to this mystery? UFOs and ETs brought it or what?
    • Alex Henley
      I have this as well... left foot, itchy spot on the bottom, just always there. I finally tried a cream I was prescribed for red, flaky spots on my face (I have to use from time-to-time) AND IT'S WORKING!! The cream is Triamcinolone Acetonide (Cream USP, 0.1%) Ask your Dr. if you can give it a shot?
  • Wow! I thought I was the only one in the world. I have the exact problem, under the ball at the back of my right foot. Drives me nuts sometimes!!! HELP HELP HELP! there must be an explanation for it somewhere.
    • Alex Henley
      I have this as well... left foot, itchy spot on the bottom, just always there. I finally tried a cream I was prescribed for red, flaky spots on my face (I have to use from time-to-time) AND IT'S WORKING!! The cream is Triamcinolone Acetonide (Cream USP, 0.1%) Ask your Dr. if you can give it a shot?
  • I have this same problem, probably about 10 years. It even itches when I sleep, and my wife informs me that I rub my feet together while I'm sleeping. I have no idea what the deal is, it just itches. Before someone says to change or take off my socks because of dampness......stop. That is definately not it.
    • Alex Henley
      I have this as well... left foot, itchy spot on the bottom, just always there. I finally tried a cream I was prescribed for red, flaky spots on my face (I have to use from time-to-time) AND IT'S WORKING!! The cream is Triamcinolone Acetonide (Cream USP, 0.1%) Ask your Dr. if you can give it a shot?
  • I too have that "itchy spot" on my left foot for 10 years and it appears to be more itchy when I am rundown - but I can't pinpoint what triggers it. I would also use sharp tools to stratch at it so that the awful itch would stop. Somehow I stopped that. I think it must be a fungus -- I used to garden a lot but can't explain. I would love to find a doctor that could help.
  • Mine is on the ball of my right foot just below the big toe. I thought maybe I had a splinter from my old deck that needed to work its way out but after three years it still itches. No redness no bumps. I walk every morning and my feet will get soaked from the dew in the grass and it itches more after that. I am in bare feet at home always so they get plenty of air. I guess this is just another mystery ailment.
  • I have pretty much the same thing as you all. My itchy spot is right on the balls just beneath my toes of BOTH FEET I have had this for about five years now. There is no cracked skin redness or anything else. It also wakes me up at night and drives me to distraction. I went to the Doctor about it once who suggested using treatments for Athletes foot which I have already tried (all of them) on telling him this he replied that he couldn't help me. When I use these treatments they make the balls of my feet sore and painful and don't control the itching. I usually use a pumice stone when I have attacks as this is the only thing that seems to help but then it is a double edged sword as it wears the skin down making it sore and highly sensitive but it does alleviate the itch. I suffer from eczema as well and have tried using the topical steroids given to me for this condition on my feet but it does not help. I really did not know that anyone else had this. I am female and I have had such severe attacks when out that I have had to rip off my heels and rub the offending spot against rails in shops and I hate to say it even the pavement. I wonder if any one else gets a build up of hard skin there (I have to have this removed every other week) but this could be because I wear high heels all the time so it puts extra pressure on the balls. If anyone has any solutions no matter how unconventional I would love to hear them.
  • You have fungal problem.You should buy something like the "Pedegg" on t.v. that you can use to remove excess dead skin,then treat for fungus. One thing you can do is use hydrogen peroxide,soaking your feet in it everyday for about 20 minutes,after you use the "pedegg",this will help kill the fungus. If it gets unbearable run hot water on your foot to release all of your cells histamines,this is what causes the itch.The water has to be pretty hot,don't burn yourself,but the hotter the better. This should give you relief right away.
  • OMG - I thought I was alone until I found this forum! There's this ONE SPOT on the bottom of my right foot that has itched for over 7 years. The scratch doesn't originate on the surface of the skin but deep inside. I scratch it so often that it has become this calloused mound. The more I scratch, the thicker the callous and it becomes even HARDER reach the itch inside my skin! Sometimes I use sharp objects to "dig in" and reach the spot -the relief is just indescribable. There is absolutely nothing apparent on the surface of the skin that would indicate there is a problem. After some further research, I was relieved that there are many others with an itchy spot somewhere on the bottom of the foot that never goes away. What's disconcerting is that all agree it's a MYSTERY. One individual I read about went to a neurologist for an MRI, saw 3 podiatrists, a dermatologist, and an acupuncturist to find absolutely nothing. That same individual also had a cortisone injection on the spot and the relief lasted an hour. Another individual had a small biopsy and again there was nothing. One doctor told me that it might be a nerve at the bottom of my foot that just went berserk. Ideas???
  • I too can join the club. My itchy spot is under the ball of my right foot, about 3 inches down from the pad of my big toe. I too only notice it in times when I am sitting for a while, or right when I am going to bed. There are no visible signs, and it feels like the itch is about 1/2 inch in. I have had it for at least 5 years, off and on. My wife likes to tease me by saying "itchy palms, money coming in. Itchy feet, money going out!" I'll try the Ben Gay thing tonight, but if anyone has any other remedies, feel free to post. I kind of agree that the dying nerve thing sounds most logical. When I had gall bladder surgery a few years ago, tehy put a ground patch on my outer right thigh. I had almost no feeling other then a faint itchiness in it for 2 years. You could actually pick it with a pin and it wouldn't hurt. Doc then said that there was something going on with the nerve and that it would eventually get better, which it did. The foot itching however, seems like it is here to stay...
  • Noooo Way, I have had the same thing infact on the same foot and place (arch), I read up on what causes the spot under the foot unfortunately no one could really explain why this happens. Any way my spot got really ichy so I peeled it out. there was a lot of pain at first but hey it's all good as new now.
  • I have the same thing!! My itching is also only in the middle/center of the right foot! It started itching only about month and a half when I moved from one place to another and had to do a big cleaning ( perhaps it has something to do with it...I steped on something or I don't know). It's itching inside and I have to use my nails to get some relief. If i don't think about it, it doesn't itch. I thought it was athlete's foot and started treating it, but now I am discouraged when I read all of the answers above. I refuse to think that it has to do something with mu liver because I am young and live healthy life ( 27 yrs. old)...but again I guess you never know...Good luck to all of us!
  • This is a nerve that is being aggrevated. I have several pinched or aggrevated nerves and they all present the same feeling no matter where they are located. Extremely deep itchy sensation that just won't go away. Also the skin near the area in some of the spots experiences Numbness and tingling.
  • Nice to know I'm not alone. I'm 65 and no diabetes. This problem just started for me about the beginning of spring. I have the first lawn I've ever owned in my life and bought some yard shoes for working outside this year. I also started doing 1 hr 4 X a week about 5 weeks ago on the elliptical and treadmill at the gym. My deep itch is bottom left foot up and down the middle of the foot AND tonight it's my right big toe from the top of the toe to the pad at the bottom of the toe. Last Friday I was awakened at 1am with the itch deep in my left foot. I couldn't sleep for at least half an hour. I thought I'd go nuts. I'm beginning to suspect dampness/fungus might just be the answer. I'm about to try an ice pack and see if that works. Thanks for saving me a trip to a neurologist!!!
  • FYI...the ice pad worked. I applied it to the area for about 5-10 minutes.
  • I also have had the "itchy" left foot in my case..seems to be relieved when I rubbed the spot with a product I bought at the health food store..called "Cell Food". It is a natural oxygen produce..relieve was within 2 minutes..give it a try..
  • I have the same thing and I am a Type II diabetic. It may not be your reason but I have been having this for a good while and just found out in Oct I was diabetic and that is one of the problems you may have.
  • I'm 34 have the same type of itchy spot many of you have described: a "mystery itchy spot" in the middle of my left foot that is now calloused after a few years of scratching it. Recently on some blog on the net (sorry I didn't save the link), someone claimed to have taken B vitamin complex for about 4 weeks and the itchy spot went away. He quit taking the vitamins, the itch came back. Started taking them again and it went away. He attributed it to a "screwy nerve" and an inability to absorb sufficient B vitamins. I'm going to try it and see what happens!
  • Could be chill blaines.. see a doc :)
  • I also have an itch in my left foot at the base of my great toe. The itch comes and goes and does wake me up at night alot. There is nothing you can do to get to the itch. Sometimes I just try to relax and go back to sleep and use mind control and it helps sometimes, but not often. I have tried everything. I also have gout flair ups and I am thinking that it may be the fine crystal urea that comes from the gout that settles in one spot and causes intense itching. Who knows, but it does tend to almost drive you nuts. Glad to see so many others have the problem.
  • I have something similar on the heel of my hand. I have also had it for years. I thought it might be related to long term use of a mouse, so the nerve idea sounds likely. But, I now have the same problem on the inside of the heel of my foot, which I can't blame on my mouse. I use a foot file to scratch both areas, which also removes the skin thickening. It does seem to itch less after I do this, but the area becomes tender to the touch and a little red. Nothing seems to make it go away...
  • I had this and fixed it.I was given some high quality vitamin d multiys from a friend for a completely differant reason.Two days later It just stopped, I at first didnt notice now I cant even imagine how it felt.I had it for about 1 year,it just showed up one night and that was it all the same symtoms.Because this the vitamin d has alot of other vitamins mixed with it I think its one of the other suppliments.I had been taking vitamin d on its own before this and the foot was allways ichty.I dont have the company name in front of me now I will post it tomorrow.
  • OMG!!! Like many of you I have an itchy spot (I call it a hot spot) on my left arch. AND I thought I was the only one. I've had it for over 10 years. People think I'm crazy. I will rub it on something rough (Conrete Step, Box Spring etc.) until it's on fire (indian burn). I can't find any relief. I was hoping a Doctor would respond to this and tell me a cure. ANY DOCTORS????
  • I have the same exact thing happening to me. The intense itch is in the arch of my right foot, always in the same spot. I've had it for about five years now; it comes and goes, though. Sometimes I don't have it for several months. Heat, moisture and exercise will intensify it. It's really bad when I'm in a hot tub or sauna. I sleep with my foot outside of the covers and with an ice pack on it. When the ice pack gets warm, the itch gets bad again, wakes me up, and then I have to get up and get another ice pack to put on it. I don't get much sleep, but at least I found something that works. I've had accupuncture, but with no success. I've mentioned it to our family doctor, but he has no answers. I also have ringing in the ears, which I've been told that there is no cure for this either. I feel that both of these things wrong with me are neurological. I'm glad I'm not alone on the foot itch problem. I thought I was losing my mind............
  • I too have the same problem..a small area on sole of foot that itches deep inside. I first noticed a reddish area after itching began and realized that I must have been scrathing it too hard in my sleep and actually made it bleed like a cut. Then as the itching got more frequent i thought it was just "healing" but now it is all "healed" save for the same itchy spot and the small area of (about the size of a knickle)reddness. I would love to know if there is a parasite that can cause this. I rememeber as a kid hearing stories about going barefoot, that worms can get under your skin of your feet. I live if south florida and we are always barefoot. any answers. I have had this now for three or four weeks.
  • I have the same itchy spot on my left foot, right in the arch, for at least 5 years. I've been to the doctor and he doesn't know what it is either. There are no blisters, swelling, tenderness, absolutely nothing is to be seen. Seriously, with all these people posting the same condition, it must be identifiable! Help!
  • I have the same problem, my sleep is often disturbed because of this darn itchiness! I did buy fluocinonide ointment, a corticosteroid and it did soothe the itch. I tend to minimize contact with this foot, even touching it because it tends to be itchy once pressed. I could even feel tiny bumps under the skin. but no rash is really visible at all and the bumps are so tiny they look like "milia" but then AGAIn, not really that visible not unless I press the sole.
  • I have replied to this before. I still have the itch from time to time. I have been really monitoring what I have eatten prior to the flare up. The itch Usually comes at the same time I have some redness and pain in my great toe which signals some gout flare up. I take Allupurinol now for the gout and the itch is not so often but if I eat alot of shellfish or things like mushroom, olives, etc which sets off the gout then the itch is worse. I have also found that an ice pack to the area will relieve the itch in just minutes. I do not have any reddness or scaling or hardness to the area of the itch. The other night after eatting shrimp I had several areas on my left foot itching really deep most of the night. Ice pack still helps. As explained before gout is caused by tiny sharp crystals of urea that pass through the system and land in joints. They can be so painful and sharp.
  • A flea...or a tick...or an alien implant
  • Its a referred pain that comes from a tighenting of the muscle in the lower back. In short, its a nerve sending a signal that tingles/tickles that area. Try some lower back strenthening excercises or lower back stretching. They tend to flare up during times or tension. Best of luck
  • I have the same problem and I just went to see my doctor and I have a pinched nerve in my back that is probally causing the problem. I have noticed the itching comes and goes depending on how my back feels. I quit itching my foot because I am so tickelish and it drives me crazy. Eventually it goes away. It is very irritating. My mother always told me that it means you will walk on new land. I agree with the "Ghostdog" It is from pressure on the nerves in the back.
  • About a month ago, the second toe on my left foot began itching on the top left front corner. There are no visibile signs of an injury, bite, foreign object, ingrown toenail...nothing. It especially itches late at night (I have been awaken by it) and early morning.
  • Wow!! I'm not the only one!! A couple of days ago, I itched my spot so hard that the next day, there was a small blister on the spot!! I popped the blister gently and decided to put some cortisone on it. I guess, after reading all your comments, that the itch is really a pretty benign thing. I tend to think it is just the result of a "wacky" nerve ending. The spot doesn't really bother me all that much, but sometimes at night, when I decide to scratch it, the very act of scratching makes it worse. The thing to do in my case, I guess, is just to leave it alone.
  • this sounds weird but my son had mentioned to me that he had an itch like that, so I squeezed it and ou popped a long coarse piece of metal he must have stepped on once, at first I thought it was a hair, but it wasn't
  • I have had the same itchy spot running along the inside arch of my right foot for over a year now. I read somewhere that you can "build up" a constant itchy spot by continually scratching one spot for an extended period of time. I forgot what the condition was called. Anyway, mine doesn't affect me most of the day. Usually when I'm at a desk wearing shoes (moisture and heat do seem to be factors for me as well.) My favorite apparatus to scratch the area is a beer-bottle cap---though sometimes I get too rough with it and "exfoliate" too much skin, making the area raw and not fun to scratch. I can't say I hate it because I never lose sleep over it. It actually can be quite dependable and rewarding for the relief/pleasure-centers in my brain... I do believe that if I left it alone it would eventually go away, and don't believe it has anything to do with a fungal infection. My best advice would be to avoid scratching it at all costs for at least a few weeks (if possible), and then see where you're at...
  • I have had a similiar problem for some years, normally at night, same spot, same foot. After many different attempted treatments that had no effect,I finally found some relief by placing my foot on a cold pack placed inside the covers at the foot of the bed. Not a pleasant prospect on a cold night, but infinitely better than the itch! Of course, it is only a treatment, not a cure.
  • Unbelievable there are so many of us...yet it continues to be a mystery. Mine affects the left foot, almost dead center, one tiny spot that drives me crazy...I too scratch & pick with tweezers to see if there was anything below the surface causing it to itch...yet nothing! Now multiple layers of skin removed I have a deep red rash. Our massage therapist did a foot detox and suggested liver as well our reflexologist suggested a link to the solar plexus area. I've had my viens removed from both legs a number of years ago (seperately a few years apart) the dead nerve theroy sounds reasonable. As well I continue to have sclertherapy injections on both legs for surface viens. Maybe there's a connection....however would think it would affect both feet. It obvious only those of us affected understand how uncomfortable this is...thus causing me to google the subject and surprised to find I am not alone. I've been to the doctor in the past and left without answers however recently a new young female doctor has taken over the practice so I've decided to pay another visit....perhaps I will have something to share. Will keep you posted.
  • OMG! Me, toooooooo! I've asked several dermatologists about this (while being treated for something else) and NO ONE could explain it. My family doc even took a scraping to see if it was fungal (it wasn't). I had to laugh when I saw the 'best way to scratch' was with a bottle cap - heaven. ANYTHING to get that to that it. Sometimes to the point of making it bleed. I guess I will try the ped-egg thing. Maybe getting ALL of the callous off and applying something will work. I've had this for a good 20 years. Sometimes (no rhyme or reason to when) it doesn't bother me for months at a time and then BINGO! - it's back with a vengeance. I thought I was the one and only with this wacky symptom - just nice to know I'm not alone.
  • I have exactly the same thing, for about 5 years. What is it?! Help!
  • You can get athletes foot anywhere on your foot and not just between the toes. I see that diagnosis has been covered. Here is another thought, which goes along with the woman who called it a wacky nerve.
  • Again, my answers really not helping anything but just like almost everyone else that's posted an answer i have the exact same problem. Mine though is more recent about a week now, but it keeps getting worse and worse It is sooo annoying and it itches sooooo horribly. Anyone else know how to remedy this problem? (Sorry i couldn't be of any help) :/
  • sounds like Dyshidrotic Eczema to me :-)
  • I have had this on the ball of my right foot just below my big toe. I have had this since I was in high school and I am 28 now. I have no visible symptoms and it itches at certain times and can be on and off for weeks. I find it to flare up when Ive been wearing sandals and my feet get sweaty but it also occurs in the winter dry climate. It's probably a cause of the extreme wet and dry. Some one else mentioned a relation to back trouble, which I have had in the past. But I doubt everyone on the list would have the same back issues. Im going to try to remedies stated from an earlier post such as Vitamin B and "Cell Food". Anyone else have any headway?
  • i have had the same prob and nothing seemed to work until today, i had bought something for arthritic pain (sounds weird but i bought this item at safeway and tried a dab and it helped the pain) and from what i understand an itch is just a pain at a low degree, the item i bought is called dr. j. h. mclean's volcanic oil liniment (weird huh) but ingredients are camphor sassafrassy oil, chlorothmol, linseed (flaxseed) oil, petro and pine oil but the weirdest ingredient to my mind is turpentine oil (???) but this has been sold since the 1880s, found it in the ethnic food aisle at safeway but can probably find it on line and it only costs 3.95 (wow!), so if you up to trying anything, go to safeway or online.
  • i have had the same prob and nothing seemed to work until today, i had bought something for arthritic pain (sounds weird but i bought this item at safeway and tried a dab and it helped the pain) and from what i understand an itch is just a pain at a low degree, the item i bought is called dr. j. h. mclean's volcanic oil liniment (weird huh) but ingredients are camphor sassafrassy oil, chlorothmol, linseed (flaxseed) oil, petro and pine oil but the weirdest ingredient to my mind is turpentine oil (???) but this has been sold since the 1880s, found it in the ethnic food aisle at safeway but can probably find it on line and it only costs 3.95 (wow!), so if you up to trying anything, go to safeway or online.
  • Can this be related with intake proteine shakes (body building staff)? That when it started for me 2 years ago. I did stop proteine shakes after 6 month thought. Also, this started to happened just after I had athlete foot (which is now gone). Thanks for all your info!!! But still no straight answer can be found on this evil thing!!! I've got it for 2 years and cannot believe some of you has got it for the last 15 years... and still alive... with two foot still...
  • Hi, I've had the same problem on my left foot for about 10 years now - nothing worked. However two years ago I got stuck into the area with a pumice stone - I scrubbed it hard for so long that I think I gave myself a friction burn. This however seems to have 'opened' the area up somewhat, and reduced itching- I continue to scrub with the pumice several times a week, and then apply a medicated cream. Now I use alternate between a couple of meds, which seem to alleviate the itching for a while. At the momemt I have been having some relief with applying a prescription cream to the freshly scrubbed area - it's called 'Antroquaril' (BETAMETHASONE VALERATE EQUIV. TO BETAMETHASONE 200ug/g.) - I especially find this effective when it starts itching like mad when I've just gone to bed. I hope this helps to give some of my fellow sufferers some relief.
  • Its just a samll nerve ending. it will soon pass.
  • I have this too... although I actually kind of enjoy it, since scratching it feels so good. LOL. Having someone else scritch it for me allows me to just melt into the couch instead of intensely do it myself until I collapse. I have had it for several years now... I hope it doesn't start becoming painful one day. I find it slightly perplexing that I have had it this long, and the idea of it being a nerve weirds me out a bit. But it feels so good and I wonder what it feels like for other people, if it is the same... because some of you hate it so much, but I actually kind of hope it doesn't go away.
  • I have had the same problem on my left foot for almost ten years now, and after I posted my last comment, I remembered an injury that occured in the same spot shortly before the itch started. I cut my foot quite deeply on an oyster shell - took a chunk out. Started to heal up okay, but then started feeling like there was something still stuck in it (not itchy at this point, just pain). Doctors at the time all said it was 'just a nerve', and wouldn't do anything. Finally after it had started to form a lump I had my husband 'operate', and he found what looked to be a really small pearl deep within my foot, and removed it. The wound healed well after this, but I've had the itch since. This seems to support the theory of a damaged nerve though, and I'm wondering if anyone else can remember any sort of injury or cut that may have 'damaged' a nerve.
  • the socks aren't the answer. my foot itchwa after i take my socks off. it will itch all night. i guess it must be a wackey nerve
  • loofah loofah loofah
  • Glad I ran into this forum, because like most of you I thought I was the only one suffering from deep, intense, itching in both hands and feet. As for a cure, that most of you are looking for, the present one that I found that is working extremely well for me, currently, was prescribed by my doctor. When I described to him my problems he seemed to know right off-hand what to do. He called in for me two prescriptions to my pharmacy for both ( "Hydroxyzine... take 1 tab orally every eight hours" and the other one was for three medium sized tubes of "Triamcinolone... a external creme to use topically as needed".) He told me that these medications would be in extra strength. With the combinational use of both these medications at the same time I haven't experienced ANY itching so far. I don't know if I will have to continue this for a long time to come or not but ALL I CAN SAY IS... it's working miracles for ME right now, I don't itch at ALL. God bless you, and good luck to you on your hunt for relief. I hope that this information helps someone.
  • My feet itch in spots after I mop the floor,either with or without socks on.
  • I go to an oriental medical doctor and had this itch for several years and many western doctors who told me to see a psyciatrist that tehre was nothing there. The oriental Medical doctor cured me in a single visit. Painful as it was the releaf lasts for years. He explained it in my translation as a dump for toxins that have built up and needed to be letout every once in a while. The procedure incvolved warming teh area with an infrared lamp to draw blood to the area than pricking the area with a needle several times and using a suctun cup to draw out the blood. the foirst time i had this procidure it looked as a small piece of liver came out. the treatment lasted almost 4 years. My advice explain or print this and find an OMD " Oriental Medical doctor or doo some more searching for your self on the topic. your not crazy I was soo relieved to know the itch could stop. to the doctors out there please contact Dr. Marcelo Lam at although he is an omd with his speciality in oncology he is a leturer and and teacher and I will hope he will answer your question to help western doctors understand the ailment.
  • Nerve endings in some cases. depending on if it is your hands or your feet it can be a pinched nerve in your back or an irritated nerve in your back. It can be an itchy spot on your legs, arms where ever. It's a symptom of a deeper problem in some cases. It worth mentioning to your doctor and having it checked out.
  • I know what you mean!!! I have the same thing. I did everything and tried every kind of moisturizer and nothing worked. Finally, I went to my Doctor and she said that it is just severe dry skin. I thought it was athletes foot at first, but it wasn't. I did some research online and I came across this website... I think. I was a little skeptical at first, but at that point I would have tried anything. I just wanted my feet to feel better. They had this product called...Dog Gone. It's suppose to be a body butter and deodorant. It was all natural and the ingredients were all natural and dedicated to healing. I e-mailed the company and asked what I should do. They recommended Dog Gone. It worked great. I put it on every night before I go to bed and I have not had a problem since. It helped me at any rate. Good luck.
  • i have the same thing in the arch of my right foot. occasionally its in my left to, but mostly in the right. its like a burning itch that is so intense it causes me to scratch it until it is bleeding or almost bleeding and still i find not relief. my feet are dry and pretty calioused on my heel, side and ball of my feet. the middle of the right foot has a circular dry spot that is very distinct after scratching the itch. wondering if any one has any ideas why this happens or what the circular dry spot might be. i do ice it after i scratch and it just burns and continues to itch. HELP
  • I don't think it's cancer, so you can rule out that.... ;-)
  • I had this itchy foot too for years it came after I developed this thick hard callus area on the middle of both my bottom feet and the hard callus is now forming below the big toes. I try sanding it off with a foot file but only some of the roughness sheds off. After a few weeks it is hard and itchy again. I figured this is due to skin aging. I am 37 and this started on me about 10years ago. On the top of my feet in one area of both feet their is a spot that is beginning to look like elephant skin and the it is very louse and saggy when I pull it. I also notice that the appearance of my feet are changing. My hands get very itchy too at times so I am thinking this is probably a skin aging process.
  • Have you tried scratching it?
  • To Anonymous' comment on Nov ?: We are not concerned about a problem we could just resolve with a simple scratch. You are questioning the intelligence level of those of us who have this problem!! Please read the entire thread before you answer!!
  • I recently spoke to my doctor about this same problem - deep localized itch on left foot, with no visual symptoms, that I have had for almost 10 years. He suggested acupuncture - I had my first treatment last Monday 16 Nov, then again Wed, Fri and today (Monday 23 Nov). He said it can take at least 3 treatments to notice any difference - and it hasn't been as itchy since my third treatment - but then the intensity of the itch is always changing over the weeks/months and years (ie some nights I can't get to sleep for the itching, other times I don't have the itch for a few days). Anyway I'm going to continue treatment for now, and see what happens. - if I notice any improvement I'll be sure to post it here. He also did some research, and said that some people treat it with a mild antidepressant called 'Endep' (which used to be used in the treatment of children bed-wetters).
  • I have exactly the same thing too, I have had it for years. Mine is located off centre closer to the ball of the foot. The most common times for an episode are during the night. I have a rubber reflexology mat which has tiny raised prickles. The idea is to stand on it to stimulate the nerve endings in the feet. I have found myself standing on the mat in the middle of the night for 15 minutes or more just to get relief and it does help for a short time but then usually starts again. Lately I've noticed it occurs after wearing certain shoes. I am very active, play a lot of tennis and am most often in athletic shoes. Those high heel days or a shoe that's just a little snugger seems to be the trigger. I'm inclined to believe it's a pinched nerve...but would love the answer to getting rid of it forever.

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