• No, but I'd love to see what mischief the cats get up to when we are not at home. Sometimes there are telltale messes that indicate some sort of nuttiness has happened, and my partner and I have said many a time it would be good to see what had occurred.
  • I don't and never would consider any.
  • Yes , I set one up in my kitchen once and caught my dog eating a bowl of Cheerios . Also caught him in the front room with next doors pooch on my sofa . Won't go into his actions. When I showed him the film he went to the CD player and put on "Wasn't me " by Shaggy !!!
    • Linda Joy
  • We upgraded to a six camera outdoor security system when we moved into the new house.
  • 10-14-2007 Yes.
  • No. I am not that paranoid.
  • No but the apartment has security cameras and a security guard. Also police come through here fairly frequently
    • Ice man
      Nelson died many years ago. He posted this question from his death bed and then died of cancer. ."Also please come through here fairly frequently" ... REALLY LINDA ? Try having a little respect, and start looking at the View Numbers to identify questions that should be left in the archive. I don't care how spiritual you are ... I can guarantee Nelson isn't coming back here at all. : /
    • Linda Joy
      Lol that's supposed to say police! (Voice to text translation error) I knew it was an old question. I just thought it deserved to be viewed again. Especially that third answer! Oh my gosh! I'm still cracking up over it! I only hope I can make people laugh that long after I'm dead! And I hope people keep on laughing over it for years to come! And thank you for your input! Love you man!
  • yes, motion sensors

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