• Simple answer: It takes time. I think you can get over most heartbreaks, though you may always have a special place in your heart for your first love. Or at least I do... I still have every card and letter she ever wrote, stored in a little box. We broke up 23 years ago after 3 months of puppy love. But it was a special time in my life. ^_^
  • finding someone else seems to help a lot.
  • TIME....I just broke with someone as well....I know it hurts but don't go out and cure your heart ache with someone else....that will just cover up the feelings that you have for your ex...and believe me they'll come right back to haunt you. Just give yourself TIME TO GET OVER IT.
  • -- If possible, get rid of all the things that make you think of her i.e. pictures, tokens or letters etc. -- fill your mind with other things besides the one you love i.e. games, TV, books etc. -- get a pet and focus your time on them -- spend time with family and/or friends --hope this helps
  • You, know, I was searching for the same question. I am trying to shake off someone that I have fallen inlove with and basically fell in love with too fast. Seems like we are drifting apart and aren't talking as much and most definitely aren't seeing each other as much and that is hard. Today, seems like he was being short with me and when I told him that I could stop by his house while I was out, I don't know seems like he was acting funny and he just said that he would call me. He is always saying that now and many times he does not call back. I find myself always wanting to call him and speak with him, but I may be over doing it because I feel that we are separating. I don't know, I am at a lost as to what to do. Sorry this doesn't answer your question. I am feeling the same as you.
  • i am also in this situation...i know how painful it is..the girl i loved had a girlfriend and went back to her...i am finding whats helped me is just no comunication at txt, im, phone,email..nothing. i will always care about her, but if he or she cant realize how incedible you are they arnt worth your time anyways. it will get easier just give it time.
  • You adjust. You learn to be happy without them. You never really get over them if you truly love them.
  • By going out and having sex with someone else, that always worked for me.
  • Just realize that love is a illusion it is all in your head. You can make yourself fall in love just as fast as you can fall out of love.
  • No. So there must be a reason not to.
  • Found the real reason I loved her and saw that it was mostly lust, not all but a lot, She her for what she really was, this was the hard one (both were hard and I had to be very truthful). Figured out why I really needed her.
  • Personally, I do not. You remember them fondly, but know that it was not to be. Then search out the next candidate. I don't believe there's any reason to actually "get over" them, just understand you won't be with them.
  • If you truly love them, you don't. You keep loving them and just try not to think about them too much. Wish them happy happy for them. Even if in some situations it might be challenging.
  • As others have said, time heals all wounds. It is good to always think about the good things that made you love the person in the first place. It is also good to use this experience with love to learn for future instances. Good luck.
  • its been three years i see him fro time to time as he works at a local store. i still love him, ive been in a relationship for two years now and i have never felt the feelings i had with my 3 exs before, im assuming we wont last much longer.... i dont think the feelings will ever go away. i just have to ignore them and get in with life, it sucks, its hard.but its life.
  • time and many, many other women - go hump someone today
  • Time heals it and helps you to deal with it but you will never get over a loved one.
  • Cry. ALOT, and then some. Grief is a normal emotion, and one day there won't be anymore pain, time varies from person to person.
  • The easiest way to get over someone is to find someone new to spend your time with, and fall in love with. Then your ex becomes a distant memory.
  • Have a dam good cry i mean until you can cry no more, and let her go and if you loved her that much hope that she finds someome who loves her as much as you did. Easier said than done but as time goes by the less you will hurt. have you ever thouht of a time in your life in the past when your feelings where hurting, and ask yourself does it still hurt!
  • Love is a very interesting thing, everyone is different as is every situation. I have found the key is to love more, as crazy as that sounds, love is the greatest feeling on the planet and gives us something to live for, Love does not hurt, it is the lack of love that hurts, so by loving them more for who they are the the situation they are in and the one you are in, that will over power the pain of lack of love. Thats what im dong to get over the heart break i am in, and i feel that it is helping.

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