• Nothing. Anything you do will only make you look bad. If she is a buttinski other people will notice it too and they will admire your patience.
  • I would actually have my spouse to talk to their mother. Expres your feelings to your spouse and give the spouse an opportunity to confront their mother. If the spouse does not then your only option is to tell youyr mother-in-law "No disrespect but can you let us handle our own problems if we need your help we will ask for it." Then tell your spouse to stop telling their mother yall business.
  • I am a really straight forward kinda guy. I would just tell her to butt out.
  • Butt out, nicely.
  • To mind her own buisness i hate interefering inlaws,i have had this in the past and i stop it as quick as it starts,dont let it escalate,tell them their son or daughter is no longer a child and is now your husband/wife. You havent got to be nasty about it but just say its your marriage and it has nothink to do with them
  • You should be able to do it in about 2 words!!
  • Your husband should tell her to shad up or he will be moving back home.
  • Think of it like an elevator which goes from polite (the bottom floor) to restraining order (the top floor). If possible, you get your spouse to politely suggest that she restrain her urge to give lots of advice and expect lots of information about the details of your lives. If she's uncooperative or doesn't get the message, you gradually increase the volume over time. Don't rush. Don't get angry. Be firm, not hostile. Keep it up, don't give up in frustration, and don't suddenly crank the knob up to 11 because you can't take it anymore. At some point, either she will get the message or you will come up with an arrangement that's a compromise (i.e. she doesn't come over to your house, your spouse sees her only on holidays, etc.) I think where people go wrong with these efforts is lacking patience or lacking determination. Life is full of annoying people, you can't wave a magic wand and make them all go away... it's a project to work these situations and takes time.

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