• "I'll let you share a room with my incontinent great aunt for a few days."
  • I've actually had that happen before, with someone I knew, LOL! I helped her, isn't that what a good person does? Ya gotta know how far to go on that, tho... some people gotta help themselves too :))
  • Something similar happened to me. My wife was picking our sons up from school and she saw that one of the other mothers was upset. It turned out that her husband had kicked her out and she and her two sons had nowhere to go. They ended up staying with us for about two months until she got herself organised. My sons and her sons are still good friends now, 20 years later.
  • I would not be able to live with myself if I turned them away. I would do what I could to help her and her kids get a new start on life.
  • I would probably just give them money. Honestly our apartment isn't that big, it could only accommodate three or four people at the most.
  • Help them settle in. then help her organize a plan to get her life back on track :)
  • I would probably let them stay here for a week or so & try to get them assistance at DHHR so they can get their own place & get back on their feet. I'd still help them as much as I could but I'm weird about personal space & people who tend to lean on everyone else to get them by. I've had bad experiences with it so I don't let myself get taken advantage of with it but I do try to help them without hurting my own family.
  • i honestly wouldnt know until it happened,now if she was hot as hell then i think i would make of my mind really easy
  • I would take them to my church.
  • I would give her resources to local agencies that might be able to help her..
  • I would ask her some basic questions, it would depend on how she would answer.
  • I'd invite her in and talk with her about her options. Then I'd get her in contact with someone that could help her.
  • Talk to her and find out why she picked me, what her situation is, if she's working...and then let her know that while I have NO ROOM in my apartment for another woman and three kids, I'll see what I can do about getting her to the domestic violence shelter out here.
  • Drive her down to the shelter, or an interim women's service I know (know the people there. They do good work!) I don't live in my own house and I know my parents wouldn't be willing to let a stranger live there. (They do have more reasons than most, though.)
  • Now days I would be very cautious & keep a perspective view of things. Talk with her about her life, who she is & what are the names & ages of her children. How her and the kids got to this point. Was it a breakdown on the road? Or a fight with her husband? Or a problem of drug addiction? etc: Play around with the 3 kids & pay close attention to their sensitivity while talking with her. Learn what the true reason is for them being there. Keeping in consideration this could be nothing but a decoy for a burglary. Meaning that she could be studying the area & using the kids to occupy me. I would ask who & were her nearest relatives. And if she thought they maybe willing to help her & the kids, that she could feel free to call them. If she did make a call. I would study the profile on the kids personality & listen to if what most of what they say is a recitation or something that they have memorized. If the mother can not get help from family or friends & I was to find nothing in my short evaluation that showed any sign of harm to them. I would offer to and take them to a shelter. If she did not agree on going for some reason. Then I would being that I am a Man call a close Woman friend of mine to come over here & stay with them. And I would go find another place for myself to stay till we found a safe place for her & her kids. P.S. If this ever does happen to you. Just be very CAUTIOUS of the signs. For it has been known for a adults to try and use little children in their crimes. It makes me sick to even think about it. Also always try to help those who are truly in need. For you never know if tomorrow that person my be you......M.C.S.
  • Well seeing how I have this huge 4 bedroom house with a finished basement and only 1 bedroom gets used by me I would take her and her children in. I would help with getting them any assistance they needed and in turn my house would not be so quiet and lonely.
  • tell her to go away
  • This is why I never answer the door. I live in an apartment complex, hopefully she'll go to one of my neighbors. Does that make me a mean person?
  • What would I do, Me being a mom of 4 would try to help her get on her feet by helping her learn to do for herself, helping to guide her if that is what she needed! We all fall sometimes, as My friend who just fell down the stairs was in the hospital for two weeks, step dad dropped twins on my door step. We all fall! We need one another in order to get up!
  • Wow !! This sounds like an episode in a soap opera. What if I got hit in the head and got amnesia and have been unkowingly living a double life all these years? I don't think my present wife would take to that well ;-) LOL !! Of course, by now , the three little kids would be over 20 years old . Seriously though, if that happened, we could not just turn them away. We have a big house with more rooms than we really need and no children. We would help them any way we could until she could get back on her feet.
  • I would invite them in, but that wouldnot happen. I have just a small studio, but yes! I would take things one step at a time, and they would get all my help. My Mom was a single parent with three kids. I hope that u and yours are in a better boat or have found a safe harbore?
  • Drive her to a shelter. Perhaps I would give her what cash I had on me.
  • I would take them in, and probably get ripped off again. (Already sorta had this happen, took in a woman with one kid, she had no place to live, she ripped me off for over 5000 worth of stuff when she left, but I never learn.)
  • tell her how to get to the womens shelter
  • Direct her to the local council.
  • Depends upon what she'd be willing to trade in return for room and board.

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