• the day my sister died
  • to my grandfather, when he passed away. He was the closest person to me... I felt like I had no one else. It was tough.
  • To my mother - who died in my arms minutes before I was to leave the hospital. It never left me. It did make me me feel good that she was there for me when I entered the world and I was there for her when she left the world.
  • To my grandparents, right after my grandfather died & right before my grandmother did
  • To my dog, to a point that I didn't wanna bury her. =(
  • To my cuz, TJ, he was a good friend of mine and we did everything together. What i did to make him live on was name my son after him. I still miss him.
  • To my grandfather, Poppy, when he passed away. Also, my two cats TJ and Midnite.
  • My most beloved cat... Duncan. He was my cat soul mate. Here are some pictures. One when he was 9 and healthy... then 13 after his stroke.
  • to Tiki, my cat, as the vet prepared to put her to sleep
  • I was not there for my Mother, but the last time we(daughters) saw her we knew it would be the last. It has only been 21 years for me but I still remember how I felt when I had to say goodbye that day. Walking out of that room was the hardest thing I have ever done.
  • To my stepfather as he was dying of liver cancer. I had to take my children to see him (their request) and I wanted this marvelous man to know how much we loved him and appreciated his being part of our lives. I still tear up thinking of it. It has been nearly 10 years and I miss him very much.
  • I remember when my daughter was about 2 years old, I had to take her back to her mother after spending a Saturday visitation with her at my parents house. She held on to me and didn't want to go to her mother. Ripped me apart emotionally. I won custody of her when she was 8 years old!
  • I haven't had to say it yet.
  • Saying goodbye to my little brothers when they had to go live with their grandmother when our parents were no longer there for us. Their grandmother is a top notch B*tch and I have not seen them in years. They live on the other side of the country....well it feels that way I live in NY they live in ND. I would drive there in a second if I would be able to have the chance to see them.
  • To my father. He was on life support and my mom and I had to make the decision to turn it off as there was no hope for recovery. They turned the machines off and left us alone with him. It took about 20 minutes before he passed away and it was very hard to say goodbye. I have never felt so helpless in my life.
  • There were two actually that were equally hard. The first was to my son the day I decided his mother and him would be better off without me swince I could no longer trust her and it was causing too many fights between my ex wife and me. The second was the day I laid my sweetheart to rest.
  • To all my patients when I left my job at the nursing home....I knew I would never see them again:(
  • To the German exchange student last year. I think we liked each other. :(
  • My grandparents after they died, I didnt even get to say goodbye so that was even harder.
  • My grandparents after they died, I didnt even get to say goodbye so that was even harder.
  • My Best Friend Chantelle She Was My Friend For Over 7 Years She didn't die But her parents made her move away And we never really stayed in contact
  • When I drove my ex to the airport because she was moving to New Mexico. We weren't together (technically) at the time, but we had kind of a summer fling after a rocky breakup and a few months of upsy-downsy friendship... that was 9 years ago and I still miss her really bad.
  • When I broke up with my first girlfriend because my family was moving when I was younger
  • to my sister, when she moved back to australia and i wasn't sure if/when i'd get to see her again.

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