• Last year my hp laptop hinge broke and the monitor didn't work anymore. I had to hook my Tv to it. So I had to buy another one. This time a Dell with stronger hinges;)
  • My mouse died and had to get a new one.
  • A phone that was given to me. But I used it for a couple of years first, so I got my money's worth out of that one! Before that my MP3 player battery blew up. I used that every night for 8 years! It was a Christmas gift. I did NOT get my money's worth out of my last laptop. I paid dearly for it brand new and the hard drive crashed before I'd had it a year, I think. But thanks for asking the question, it's helped me to see yet another way God has blessed me over the years.
  • nny netbook, it keeps disconnecting so ive been using nny laptop
  • a netbook
  • An Emerson clock radio that lasted a little over 2 decades.

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