• try plugging it in and see if you can drag and drop mp3 files into it.
  • When you plug the MP3 player, do you see it on your computer as an external drive, next to the DVD/CD Player and the Hard Drive? If that's the case, all you have to do is "drag and drop" any song in MP3 format and take it with you. That's how I do it with my Creative ZEN Nano MP3 player. That's probably the way to do it with yours. Apple's Ipod is the exception because everything has to go through their Itunes software.
  • I just bought one of these things today. I agree, the book seems to be in "engrish"..not easy to understand. I'm still charging up the battery. Looks like we're going to have to load everything through Windows Media Player (version 10 or higher). Create playlists, then hit the "synch" button in Media Player. Good Luck!
  • I also bought the same system yesterday. My problem is I can't get it to fully charge at all. Have any of you had this problem? I've had no problem adding music from my Rhapsody and didn't use Windows Media. But as soon as I unplug from my laptop, I have no power. I will try tonight to charge it for the entire night and then see what happens. If it still doesn't work I am returning it. Too bad because I really like it. Good Luck!
  • Stanges be directions seems. YUP! And what about the Lead warning? WUWT. Drag and drop the file directly onto the Removable drive window. I use MP3 that are "unprotected" this seems to simplify things. FULL CHARGE, if your SLEEP setting is not at (0) the thing shuts down. I don't know if this effects the charge setting on the battery. I.E. shuts down batter access as well? It should not but this in not documented in the manual. The manual does day the the power switch must be set to the "on" postition, otherwise the charge will not take. I guess I'll know in 10 hours. Happy Thanksgiving
  • I have had the problem with the battery not loading and stuff but I played around a bit in the settings and at the end of the list it says remove ptp info i clicked that and it started loading.
  • mine wont hold a charge if its plugged into the computer it works fine but as soon as you unplug it it stops working any ideas how to fix it .....
  • My son just got one for christmas. I have let it charge for the initial 10 hours, once that was done, I connected it to my laptop and it was picked up by windows media player. I was then able to download music, photos and more from the media player. So far so good and he absolutely loves it. wish us luck i guess.
  • oh man you are a stupid bitch, you have to download the adove reader

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