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  • I think all guys like it, I like it. I think it is common and not considered a fetish.
  • I like it! But sometimes the licker gets too hot, my balls are squeezed. Ouch!!!
  • Yes, guys like it, but you have to be gentle, and take your time, going from penis to balls, and back. Not a fetish, it just feels really good!! If it were a fetish, than plain old sex is a fetish too(it feels good).
  • I think it is quite common. But, just remember the saying 'betty swollocks'!
  • I think its pretty common, afterall, its done a lot as part of oral sex. But its also a fetish too though, since technically anything other than straight sex coul be considered a fetish.
  • When I get around to getting all that hair off my nut sack, a woman can do anything she wants with them. In a caressing way that is.
  • yes it is common
  • I have found that most guys have enjoyed having them licked and sucked, it's a good teaser too to get them worked up and hard!!
  • It is not a fetish, but it is common
  • A fetish actually means that the person who has it can't function normally without that particular thing. If the person can enjoy sex without the one act or situation, then it isn't a "fetish." But yes, having my scrotum tickled and sucked is heavenly.
  • It is not a fetish. I love a girl to suck and lick my balls. I wish girls would pay as much attention to them as my penis. It is NICE!
  • A lot of guys like it, in my experience. It took me a while to get used to the idea as it kind of grossed me out at first, but...Honestly, I do whatever pleases my Man, in most cases, so I got over it, lol.
  • Please dont confuse erotic turn-ons with fetishism. A fetish is something that is needed for someone to get aroused, where as what youre asking just feels good, provided that the one doing the sucking doesnt bite. YMMV Best Regards NightWing{s} Author The Lovers: The Story of Lorna and Peter Blog: Web Site: Author's Den: MSN Spaces: Yahoo 360: Email: personal email:
  • Yes and its very common.
  • i like it when my girl friend cups my whole sack and presses it gently
  • its heaven
  • I lived with an empty scrotum for a couple of years. I had to be castrated when in was 25, and had my scrotum cut off a couple yers later. Having no need or want for fake balls I decided removing my scrotum and having only my penis was the best option. The protective reflex is still there till I realize I have no balls. It is an interesting situation to be in, but I like being castrated.
  • There's something about the way this question is asked, "Do some guy REALLY like . . . " What's that all about? No, we're faking it, we don't really like it, but if a woman INSISTS on doing it, oh well, I guess we have to put up with it. All sarcasm aside, I do like it.

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