• no, but most smokers find it Xtremely hard to quit.
  • no. i have seen many chain smokers turning their backs on the habit. =)
  • no.however after smoking for ten years and over,then the damage has already been done.
  • I can't speak for everybody, but from my experience, yes. I quit for good two years ago, and right now I could go for a Marlboro Red. I don't think I'll ever stop missing it.
  • Not always. I haven't been a smoker for three years, and I had the perfect opportunity to smoke all I wanted last week and get away without any immediate consequences. Granted, I was a other things, but the thought of taking up smoking again never crossed my mind.
  • No. Smoking is like any other addiction. While the phrase "Once a *insert addiction here* always a *blah*" is true for the vast majority of addicted people, it is not true for all of them!
  • I wouldn't know cause I've never smoked, but heres an interesting fact for you- 98% of smokers start as teenagers as social smokers, and you have to smoke several times to get addicted. Seems pretty silly right? I think its too easy for youth to get hold of smokes, cause once you get to your adult years it no longer appeals if you didnt start as a teen because there isnt as much pressure to take it up. To answer your question though, I think its very difficult to quit, cause my Aunt and Uncle have smoked on and off for years. I think the longest they went without was about six months. They smoke now though :-(
  • no thats not true I know many who have given up and never smoked again ... now I used to smoke 70 a day and 32 years of doing it... stopped dead 5years ago , my dad was a 60 a day and stopped 35years ago and I could keep on naming them ... but you will always find some that can't kick the habit I suppose ...just like a reformed drinker somethimes they fall of the wagon all depends on the person
  • No, I know a couple of people that quit cold turkey. But I do know that it's very hard to quit. A friend of mine smokes and she's tried to quit many times but she just can't do it. She's been on nicorets and the patch too. I wouldn't know, I've never been a smoker and I'm so glad I'm not! Smoking is expensive and so bad for your health.
  • brother-in-law quit cold turkey on his 50th birthday..he is now sister quit with's hard for them to tolerate being in a smoke-filled environment. It was harder for my sister, but she wanted to support her husband. They are far more anti-smoking than I's sorta cute! :)
  • For some maybe certainly not everyone. It is very hard to quit, but it can be done. You just need the willpower to do it.
  • I don't think so.
  • No. I quit "cold turkey" (as they say), 6 years ago after smoking 20 years.
  • i dont think so ....
  • I don't think so... I know people who have quit! LOL
  • NO!!! I was a smoker at the age og 12-15 and i am now 16 and i dont smoke anymore my family didnt care so i just picked one up and started and thought i would nvr quit and now i have been a non smoker for about a year.
  • No! My dad smoked for years and then my brother and his wife had a baby boy and he quit cold turkey, he did not want his grandchild to be in a house with a smoker!!
  • I know many ex-smokers, some old and some young. Some that haven't smoked in 40 years and some that quit late in life and are glad they finally did. It's not easy to do for many people bu tit is very possible and they get health benefits as soon as they stop:-)
  • It definitely is not true. I know many people that have quit smoking after 10, 15, 20 years. And I also know from personal experience :)
  • Well there are people who have smoked and know that it is pleasurable and not a big deal. Some can control the addiction and others cannot. A person who breaks a strong addiction will probably always miss it a bit, and a person with only a passing affiliation with smoking will probably never swear off of cigarettes because they understand them and know that they do not control you. In this sense, yes. A smoker is always a smoker, but the smoke-less are to be pitied because they'll never know the joy of it.
  • No, people can quit and I have seen it.
  • I think so too. I quit through three pregnancies with every intention of saying away from cigarettes. I'd dream I was smoking every night and wake up feeling guilty.
  • no, i dont think so
  • i'm a month in... trying to quit... but I don't think it's gonna be much longer until I start again. I really really don't want to, because I know smoking is definitely bad for your health... but I feel I can't help it no matter what I do... Urges keep getting stronger and stronger...
  • Not necessarily. I quit 18 years ago and don't ever see myself going back because it took 3 attempts before I succeeded, and I don't want to go through that again.

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