• I think the reason we love them is because they are fictional. We don't have to cope with their vagaries and idiosyncrasies on a daily basis. I mean Jack Sparrow is hot, but he drinks, lies, womanises and has strange ideas about loyalty. But did I mention he's gorgeous? LOL
  • Well I happened upon this question due to your mention of a notorious pirate, but I'm glad I did... If you don't mind I like to point out that I MYSELF feel that a lot of you folks here on AB seem to sort of glorify me(Not the actor/movie character)more than my due. This reminds me of a rather new song/video that I can relate to much more than I can the "accolades" my pirating of this persona has granted me. I wanted to embed said video in this answer but alas the ebbed feature is "off by request" so I hope this link works and you'll check it out to see my point; For the record though I'm not bald, stand 6'2" in real life and wouldn't be considered "tubby" by most, and I'm not quite as pathetic as the character in this song/video...
  • It's all in fun.
  • I don't want a relationship with Edward Scissorhands, so...
  • I doubt my crush on Natasha Fatale could ever amount to anything good.
  • Yeah - what if ours are based off of real people? I totally love Chuck Comeau, the drummer of Simple Plan. Do i think it would work out as a relationship? Most likely not, his political views are significantly different from mine.
  • I could handle either of them, but I seriously doubt they could handle me... or any relationship...
  • I think it would be fun to at least meet Mr. Sparrow and find out... you never know. ;~)

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