• Yes, actually. It's interesting to see what others are buying lol
  • No. I check out the tabloids. I like to keep up with the important issues of our time, LOL. You never know when you might be called on to advise Brad and Angelina on whether or not they should stay together, or Jenn's new haircut, or something about Oprah. All fascinating stuff that beats looking at your neighbor's Corn Chex and Tide by a mile.
  • Not really no , I'm to busy making sure I got all I needed to get , so I have that on my mind + 5
  • i do! i wanna find out if they bought sex-related items lol =)
  • Sometimes I do, if things are taking forever and I've exhausted all the other boredom passing things to do in line.
  • Sometimes. And if I'm in one of those "broad" type moods and I'm in the express line I'll count how many items they have. Isn't that just awful?
  • I haven't but many behind me do. They get impatient and moody with me because I use coupons. But when they see that I can save 80% of my bill they get amazed.
  • Yes, and sometimes I like their selection better than my own!
  • Yes. And every once in a while, I run into a crabby old bag from my building, and when she's not looking, I toss a giant box of condoms or a tube of KY into her wagon;)
  • Yes, I do, when I am away from home... It's kind of like a mini anthropology study. People buy very differently in the NorthWest than they do in the SouthEast. I like to try to figure out why. Which brings up a joke: (I know this isn't "jokebag" but humor me). A lady was checking out of the grocery store with 1 steak, a bag of pretzels, and some other sundries when a drunk man behind her said "you mussst be shingle"... She looked down at her items and mused about what gave that fact away, but saw nothing except for the individual steak. She asked the drunk "sir, how could you tell I was single from the items on the counter"? "Was it the single steak?" The man said "Ummm.. Noooo"..." Isssh because you're ugly". Sorry.
  • If I'm really bored and the lines are taking too long, maybe. But usually not.
  • No, I have enough to worry about, putting aside all the things my children snuck in the basket! Thinking I wouldn't notice!
  • Lol, yes, if I have time after doing all I can (putting the groceries up, getting card ready to pay, etc). I find that much more interesting than reading about Britney's latest stupidity or the best place for UFO sightings. Of course, if Matt Damon is on the cover of something I am all over that mag or rag instead. ;D
  • I usually shop during "off hours", so I don't even have to worry about lines. :P I don't typically analyze the purchase of the person in front of me. I'm more interested in trying to figure out how long it's going to take for them to check out and then get into the "shortest" line.

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