• They said Bush and let us admit it is too late to do anything about it now.
  • Gore. That's why those ballots got thrown out / "lost" - it pays to have family in high places.
  • If it weren't for hanging and pregnant chads then of course Gore would have won. Let us not forget the cronyism of Katherine Harris and the trickery used to thwart certain blacks from voting as well. That's true but I can't really tell you the source off hand. For the last seven years I have not recognized the legitimacy of Bush as president and will not honor him as such. There is no honor amongst thieves.
  • Gore - at least GWB was good enough to execute his presidency as a joke, the same way he won it.
  • That's a "no-brainer"................GORE
  • Since "winning" includes manipulation, deceit, and trickery, then Bush. If we actually had a system of one person, one vote, then Gore would have won. But the United States is not a Democracy. It's barely a Republic.
  • It sure as hell wasn't the people of Florida, that's for sure.
  • Gore, without a doubt...look to the FACTS, not the propaganda - the answer is obvious. The popular vote, which obviously doesn't mean a thing, went to Gore.
  • Bush won it officially but as I understand it Gore had more votes. The wonderful republic of America!
  • Gore won the popular vote. Bush won the Electoral College vote.
  • I think at least two different news organizations hired teams of people to audit and recount ballots in Florida after the election to see if they came up with the same answer as the official count. Every time the ballots were counted, Bush won the count. It would have been a very big news story if they came up with Gore as the winner, but since they got the same answer as the certified election, it just wasn't a big story. Since the count of the ballots is the only way to determine the outcome of an election, G.W.Bush really did win. Every time the ballots were counted. If the ballots were designed, presented or produced in an inferior or misleading way, that surely could have influenced the outcome. The Al Gore campaign went to court to change the rules of allowing and counting after the ballots were cast to try to get a better outcome. Counting must be done according to some set of rules - rules everyone agrees to before ballots are cast - and according to the rules that were applicable... Bush won every count.
  • Albert Arnold Gore Jr. was the choice of Florida’s voters -- However, regardless of who actually won the most votes, the U.S. Supreme Court installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House. According to the certified Florida results, George Walker Bush won the state by 527 votes. But recounts by the Orlando Sentinel, Palm Beach Post and the Chicago Tribune Co. collectively show Al Gore picking up 1,617 votes, giving him a winning margin of 1,080 votes. Instead of supporting a full and fair recount, George W. Bush chose to cling to his official lead of 537 votes out of some 6 million cast -- George W. Bush counted on his brother Jeb’s state officials, and a corrupt U.S. Supreme Court to ensure the Bush family’s return to national power.
  • Bush did. That's why he got the electoral college votes and is the President now. Say what you will, and politics aside. Isn't it cool that in the United States you can have an election involving 300 million people that comes down to a few hundred votes either way, and not have the whole thing ending in riots or a splitting of the country? Gore and Bush went to the Supreme Court. The Court said, "stop the recount, it is unconstitutional" and Gore said "OK" and that was that.
  • They either need to get rid of the electoral college or apportion the electoral votes by congressional district. Either of these changes (and the second does NOT require a constitutional amendment) would have put Gore into the white house. While I personally would not have liked that outcome, I still think that this is what should be done. With today's technology, it is time for direct election of the presidency.
  • Bush won it. All of the various "recounts" conducted by the media confirmed it. It was only under conditions *most favorable to Bush* that Gore had more votes.
  • Al Gore Year 2000. George Walker Bush moves to the White House under the most inauspicious of circumstances. He is the first president to lose the national popular vote since 1888, and only the fourth in American history. He won a bare majority in the electoral college, and only because of his contested victory in Florida, where the best evidence suggests that flawed ballot designs, confused voters, and antiquated voting equipment kept the plurality of citizens who intended to support Gore from having their verdict reflected in the official count.
  • If the idiotic, liberal-leaning media didn't predict Gore as winner while the mostly Republican Florida panhandle (in the Central Time Zone) was still voting or waiting to vote, it might not have been that close. PS - before this gets partisan, I'm a registered Independent.
  • Well I know who lost: Democracy, honesty and fair play. And as a result the USA and the world lost a lot as well.
  • It depends on how you define 'win.' Bush won the Electoral College vote, so in that way he 'won.' But the basis and antecedents of the Electoral College vote are disputed to this day, as evidenced by the fact that this question is almost 2 years old and still accumulating answers.
  • The votes were counted and recounted. The media did their own recounts to try to make their boy Gore the winner. Other organizations did recounts. Each used slightly different counting methods and standards. Bush won every count. I'm sorry, but there is no credible argument that "Gore really won." It just isn't so. Note: I didn't vote for either of them; I don't have a dog in this fight. And it's water under the bridge anyway.
  • Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris officially certified George W. Bush as the "winner" in Florida by 537 votes. Since that day, independent investigations by the media have revealed that many illegal votes were counted - while many legal votes were not. If the votes in Florida had been counted by non-partisan election officials in compliance with the law, Al Gore would have won Florida. Unfortunately, George Walker Bush, his brother Governor Jeb Bush, Secretary of State Katherine Harris, a partisan Republican majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Republican-owned media did everything in their power to prevent a fair and legal count of the votes. In other words, these Republicans used their enormous power to steal the Presidency of the United States. Indeed, the untold story of Floridagate is as chilling as Watergate. This is a crime against American democracy GOD bless America.
  • Official Federal Totals: George W. Bush 2,912,790 votes (48.847%) Republican Al Gore 2,912,253 votes (48.838%) Democratic and eating up the peanuts: Ralph Nader 97,421 (1.634%) Green Patrick J. Buchanan 17,484 (0.293%) Reform Harry Browne 16,415 (0.275%) Libertarian John Hagelin 2,281 (0.038%) Natural Law/Reform Howard Phillips 1,378 (0.023%) Constitution Other 3,028 (0.051%) Total 5,963,110
  • The uncounted votes- would've made Gore president. Thanks Supreme Court.
  • Read Stupid White Men. It gives a detailed, factual account on the theft of the presidency. Actually, it gives a detailed, factual account of the whole Bush reign.

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