• A Jehovahs witness can't say to you "here I will make you a "priest" (as you called it, not the word used by JW's)" and then he is a priest. If you want to be a 'Minister' (as it is called) or have more duties and continue progressing to miniserial servant or elder than God will see it in your heart and he will let you reach your righteous goal. You have to attain it yourself and God's Holy Spirit (or Active Force) will help you just as Jesus once said. So there is 2 things, you have to attain it yourself with help from holy spirit and you have to have approval by the elders. more of a meeting to see that you have the knowledge and the right desire to get baptised than an "approval"
  • i think you can just go swimming and it serves the same purpose according to a few religions
  • No, your baptism with the witnesses is just an outward symbol to the world that you are a Jehovahs Witness. The word baptism means burial , to bury the old self. Killing or putting to death your sinful self, to make room for Jesus. Jesus can now live inside you to make you righteous. Once you accepted Jesus in your heart its done. Going from one Christian denomination to the other has no effect on your faith in Christ. Many people have been saved or baptized by un saved ministers.
  • That depends on what you see baptism as. Is it baptism into a denomination or baptism into Christ? The Bible teaches it as baptism into Christ.
  • No, you don't need to be baptized again because the truth is that no one really knows what Jesus and John the Baptist were doing when they baptized people. Everyone pretends to know what it was about, and will say it has to be like this or like that... but all these variations came along because the complete procedure is not described anywhere... not in the Bible... not anywhere. But if you want a sense of what was going on, this is a good resource... I had to give this reference because the purpose of baptism can only be understood in terms of the Orginal Kingdom Gospel.
  • What a strange question. Who baptized you the first time? It sounds like Melchizedek! LOL
  • Are you asking because you want to become a J.W., are you at the point of studying with a J.W., and contemplating to be baptised , if so yes you do need to be baptised.
  • Don’t forget to totally “break free” from Babylon the Great by removing your name from any registries and mailing lists. Any objects used in worship should be handled according to what is written in Acts 19:19.
  • Sounds like nonsense. In Catholic Churches anyone can baptize in terminal cases.

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